Just discovered Quinoa


**Yum! why didn’t I know about this before??? a super nutritious whole grain that cooks in 15 mins!!! And it tastes so good…

anyone else cook this and care to share their recipes? I like it plain, and I also heated up leftover quinoa with some cooked carrots and curry powder with a bit of coconut oil…mmmmmmmmmmmm

I’ve read that it’s good in just about anything from breakfast to dessert…



I have some sitting in my closet for a month or so…LOL. I forgot what to do with it and haven’t gotten around to looking it up


rinse it first and wash those bran rings away, or it tastes bitter (I think you can buy it now already de-branned). makes a nice change from cous cous or rice.


I love quinoa! I don’t have any special recipes for it though, as my husband doesn’t like it unless it accompanies fish. :rolleyes: I just serve it with a bit of butter, salt and pepper just like rice. Boring, but yummy.

It’s so super good for you too, packed with protein!

I’ll have to try it with coconut oil. I’ve heard wonderful things about coconut oil’s health benefits. I think the last time I saw it in the store it was a bit too expensive for me though. How quickly does it go rancid?


What is it? Where do you get it?


**Make sure you buy virgin, organic oil or you’ll be wasting your money. You want as little processing as possible. I get mine from Dr.Mercola’s website. It has a shelf life of a few years or something outrageous like that! And it’s great for your skin (applied topically) as well. I love it!



**It is a grain/rice/pasta substitute. You can use it like you would use any of those (soups, casseroles, side dishes…they even make flour you can bake with). I haven’t tried it as a breakfast cereal yet (like oatmeal) but I am going to. Just google it for more details.

Until recently it was only available in health stores around here but we have found it at Walmart (Bob’s red mill brand) which was pretty expensive but then we found organic quinoa in the bulk section of another grocery store for about half the price. Still expensive but good, useful, and my DD loves it!



go to Vegetarian Times for some great quinoa recipes. Or Food Network


To OP,
I just discovered Quinoa, too. My brother and SIL went to Peru and apparently it is served at every meal. What my SIL did was
make a soup with it. It was delicious.
To BeeSweet,
I have been using Virgin Coconut Oil for a few years now. I get
it from Tropical Traditions and they have a lot of information on it.
I have never had it around long enough to test it, but it has a very
long shelf life, years in fact. (coconut-info.com)
I use the one that is hand pressed and has little bits of the
coconut. It has a wonderful “fluffy” taste. My favorite way to use
it is to stir fry veggies in it. Also mix half butter, half coconut oit and use it on toast.
Sorry if this derails the topic.


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