Just evicted a tenant. tenant left directv satellite dish. should i return to directv or throw away?


I’m fairly certain that if a DirecTV subscriber doesn’t return their equipment, their credit card gets charged a substantial amount. Its not my responsibility to return an ex-tenant’s equipment. Would it be mean spirited for me to throw away his equipment?


The point is, the equipment is the property of Direct TV.
Call them to pick it up.


You could call DirecTV and find out if they want it. Tell them your tenant abandoned it, and if they want it they should send a service truck out to fetch it.

If it’s just the dish, and not the inside boxes, DirecTV may not want it back. I see old dishes left behind in rental housing all the time.


The reason behind that is that it costs them money to take it down then if someone later wants DirecTV in that house they have to send another person to set it up again, all that costs money.


The dish itself stays, DTV does not want that back. A DVR/ receiver, they do want back. DTV should send you a “call tag” for UPS or a prepaid shipping label from the USPS.

The laws of my state says ex-tenements forfeit anything left behind, or anything left after a disposesary action has been executed. When I evicted a couple who stole power tools from me AND had fallen behind on rent, they were in the same situation. They left the equipment.

I was trying to help this young couple out. I did all kinds of things to help them, like using a vehicle for a year, free. After falling behind in rent and stealing [which I had actual evidence that could have landed them in jail, a pawn ticket] I just threw them out.

The box belonging to the cable company I held onto. Eventually they had the audacity to show up and ask for it, and would not give me any money. I told them that if they paid me what they would have to pay the cable company, they could have the box, and forgive the rest of their debts. A pretty good deal. They walked away without the box which I dumped at a scrap metal recycle place.

Did I sin? I don’t know. I needed the money they owed me in the worst way, and they knew it. You could hold onto it until they ask for it back, in hopes of getting some of the money they owe you back. Otherwise, do what you think is best.


You may look up the local law of bailment before you throw anything out. Just advice that may or not be wise depending on your State law.


Yes, best to check local laws because those vary widely.

Being evicted doesn’t come as a surprise (I was in rental management years ago), so they certainly could have (and should have) contacted directv before moving out (well, being moved out). I would check with directv to see what they want to do.


We cancelled DirecTV last year and were told we would receive boxes to return the equipment. They never came. After several months of waiting we pitched them.


Don’t worry about it. When we got rid of Direct TV we asked what to do with the satellite dish. We got told they just leave them and don’t even pick them up. They toss them if they do pick them up for some reason. Some of that wasteful behavior of business shining through.

If you don’t want the thing around toss it or if possible put it in with technological recycle pickup.


I have a subscription to one of those Birds in nature kind of magazines…someone used an old dish to make a lovely birdbath. They whimsically painted it and set it on a big stone in their garden…,…or was it an overturned clay pot??? Hmmmm anyways, it was pretty if you get to keep it, and if you want to recycle it.


When we switched from DirecTV to FIOS, they sent us prepaid boxes to return the main receiver/DVR. The rest they told us to discard. They and the satellite dish were obsolete, so it would not have made financial sense to pay for their return or have someone come out to uninstall.


I wouldn’t go out of my way to return the equipment they left, but I’d probably shoot them an e-mail or phone call if I had one: “Hi Tenant, I’m clearing out the apartment and found some things you left, including some Direct TV stuff. If you want them you can pick them up on Thursday between 5 - 7pm. Otherwise, I’m throwing them out.”


I subscribed to DISH tv many years ago. I wasn’t happy with it. So I cancelled. They never sent anyone out for the dish and never charged me for it. I called several times. It is still on my house. I told them I was
not going to climb up on the roof and take it down because of my age.


California law and local (municipal) code where the rental unit is located will dictate how property abandoned by an evicted tenant is to be disposed. Do some online research. Consult a local attorney if need be.




Direct TV does not take back the actual “dish” They can take the transponder back which is on the dish. However, they do not encourage you to go on the roof to get it. They would rather just not get it than incur the liability. The remotes and “genie” DVRs need to be shipped back by the person who had the contract with direct. Actual “dishes” are viewed as disposable by the company. When the tenant moves they will have someone install at the new place but they do not de-install at the old.

Bottom line you may call them if you have an afternoon to waste, but the dish itself is disposable. Toss it. But maybe keep it for a little bit in case the evicted tenant wan’t to claim you threw their stuff away. Something in writing, even a text, can be helpful.


I can’t believe everyone is volunteering what a 3rd party will do. :rolleyes:
Not saying it is not accurate, but your obligation is to call the company.
Call Direct TV. Ask them what to do, and do what they say.
It’s their equipment. If they tell you to toss it, fine.
Courtesy. Always a good thing. :wink:


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