Just finished some of the Catechism


Hello I am the guy who is looking to convert, I posted that thread earlier. I just read the Prologue and the first chapter of the Catechism, it is very informing so far :slight_smile:


Cool! :thumbsup: :slight_smile: hope your conversion is going well (Iā€™m a convert too! welcome :D)ā€¦I saw your thread! God bless



I read pretty much the whole Catechism the summer before RCIA. Iā€™m a book fiend that way. :smiley:

Prayers for you in your journey!




Excellent! Keep reading, it gets better! :extrahappy:



You gotta read Church documents and books of the Bible to fully understand the Catechism


Awesome! God bless you on your journey. Be sure to come here if you have any questions. :slight_smile:


A great, great, great book. Well worth your time. Can't hardly imagine spending $10-$12 better.

Be aware, not all in Catholic leadership positions will be supportive or encouraging to you in this endeavor.

For $12 to purchase a smaller print catechism, mark it up, write notes in it, circle, underline, write connections & applications that come to your mind in the margins.

If you know some Spanish, one option is to read buy a Spanish version and go through it that way. You'll learn more spanish, learn more about God at the same time. Don't expect to understand everything in Spanish but be comfortable with understanding bits and pieces. Even in another language, even understanding a smaller percentage, the God element will seep in, the Holy Spirit will work. Most or many people under 40, under 30 have some formal spanish language instruction in the usa.


FYI, this thread is 3 years old.

But, yes, the Catechism is a great book. :)


Good, steady reading is the best you can do with the bible. The Catechism and a good Bible are 'no gamble'. Do not get discouraged by your weakness. "Man is a beggar before God." (Catechism of the Catholic Church, 2559)


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