Just for Fun: Actress or Nun?


Hello everyone,

Having visited some Sisters a while ago and listened to them discussing whether actresses playing nuns in films tend to look anything like real nuns (their conclusion was a resounding no), I thought it might be entertaining to put it to the test here.

So… one of the women pictured below is a real nun, and the other an actress playing a nun. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to decide which is which (and, more importantly, why) and then add some images of your own! Can you post a combination that will puzzle anyone?

Bonus points if you can identify the actress and film, and/or the Order of the real nun as well.




I believe the latter (second one) is an actress. Far too saucy. They are both good looking. However the latter picture seems to transmit a more worldly happiness. If I am wrong, then the church is blessed.


I have no clue but just for fun I’d say the top pic is of the real nun and bottom is the actress. The girl in the top looks very young though! But the background of 2nd photo looks like professional photo back drop but yet she’s not looking at the camera like you would for a portrait shot.


If the first is the real nun then she is a Dominican. She is at a meeting.


The first pic is the real nun.

The second pic is actress Catherine Mouchet playing the title role in the 1986 movie Therese, which was the story of St Therese of Lisieux.

I didn’t actually know this beforehand, by the way - did a bit of internet detective work!


The first is a real nun. Not just because of the meeting setting, but the quality of the pictures. The second one shows like a clip from a movie.


I was going to say neither are real nuns everybody knows that nuns were secular cloths and a gold pin. a very small gold pin that you have to look real hard to find but once you have found it you can be certain this is a nun.


The top picture is a real nun I am guessing probably from a Dominican order


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