Just found on myspace


A movie about Gabriel and The Archangel’s
how Many would watch this movie

Ninja Archangels with guns … and did I catch a sex scene in there?


to me it looks like The last days good Vs evil it just me

Nope I don’t need a film like this to scare me anymore about the dark side. No thank you!

I watched it about 10 times it looks like the sex scene was with a demon or some bad element

Why would Angels need guns?:shrug:

I’ll never understand that. hmmm

In Pax Christi

Hmmm…looks like a cross between The Matrix and SinCity…
I’d see it for the genre it represents. I don’t get the impression it’s meant to be based on any real theology…just another sci-fi flick and those are entertaining in their own way.

Whatever it is, it is horrible theology. And that is an understatement.

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