Just Got a Rosary PERSONALLY Blessed by the Holy Father

My mom’s friend just got back from a trip to Rome, where she was able to have --courtesy of the Argentine Embassy-- a place of honor to the right of the Holy Father during his general audience.

After the audience, she was able to talk with the Holy Father for a few minutes, during which she had him PERSONALLY bless this Rosary which she later gave to me.

What an honor and maybe a new family heirloom. Now the fun part, praying as many rosaries on it as you can.

How cool!~:D
What a gift you can cherish and hand down for generations to come.

You have a real treasure!

Congratulations. That is awesome!

What a fantastic gift. Your mother has a fabulous friend and you have a new family heirloom. Now is the time to say a rosary in thanks.


Thanks for sharing.

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