Just got back from meeting with vocations director!

So, I just got back from my meeting with my vocations director, and all I can say is that it was awesome! He told me that he could really sense that the Lord is calling me, and I really need to embrace this calling. He gave me a copy of To Save a Thousand Souls to read, and I am really looking forward to reading it! I’m so thankful that I can rest assured knowing that he believes that what I am feeling is real.

congrats what order will you be joining. Diocesan?

I am applying to enter seminary in Louisiana, I will probably know by early July if I’m in or not.

:thumbsup:Congratulations! Please know that you are in my prayers. I am currently discerning a vocation as well.:D:D:D:D:)

Don’t start singing the Te Deum until they ordain you to the diaconate… :smiley:

More than likely Diocesan.

I am applying in a about two years, however. I was just so happy that he told me that what I have been experiencing is what he thinks the Lord is trying to make things obvious to me, but I keep ignoring.

just wondering what is your reasoning for waiting 2 years?

don’t feel like you have to answer it.

It’s funny…we are singing “Holy God, We Praise Thy Name” this Sunday. :smiley:

You got a free book out of this? Man, your first meeting went so much better than mine. I was simply handed the work that I needed to do to apply. :slight_smile:


Congrats! I still have to talk to the vocations director for my Diocese. I still have to find out who it is, though I’m pretty sure that it is the bishop.

Anyways, great job! I’m going into senior year this year, and then seminary after that. Keep up the good work, pray hard, read the Bible, etc, etc. I’m sure you know what to do. :smiley:

At least you were given that. Took me 4 diocese before that happened to me. I am glad I was given the application. So far so good,

Why was that? Were they just not good at getting the information to you?

The first diocese told me they would send me an application. Never sent it. The second Diocese the vocations director just didn’t like me I guess, He was almost laugthing at me. The third told me I was too old (40?? yeah right) and that bishop was a second career vocation and wasn’t ordained a priest till he was in his early to mid 40s. The forth (St Louis ) I emailed the vocations director and he emailed me back saying I will call you but I offer you no hope with VDs like him no wonder there is a priest shortage… Now it seems hopeful than in the past. I am at the point of the second interview. It seems that I got through some of it the first meeting the physcological profile and the application. So maybe God is directing me to Jeff City. The VD in South Dakota the one that laughed at me said he will give me books and stuff to read, then he found out that I didn’t have college and he laughed at me haughy laugh and rushed me out the door. It was a painful experience. Been through a lot. I asked Mary Virgin to ask her son to take the desire from me if he hasn’t called me to priesthood, then out of the blue I was contacted by Sacred Heart school of theology and the whole thing started again. I kept praying to have the desire lifted from me and another event took place to keep my discernment going. But we’ll see.

While we were conversing about vocations and such, he told me that he thinks some of the active young men at our parish are in denial about their vocations. I don’t know if that’s just his “priestly instinct” getting to him, but I had always wondered if I was the only one.

Ouch, that’s rough. I’d heard of a similar case in which a priest tried calling to his home diocese (he was away in college) to contact the vocation director. After leaving nine voice messages over a series of weeks he left his last message saying that since no one was calling back he was going to talk to the diocese in which he was going to college. Only then did that diocese call him back. Now he’s the vocation director, and he ain’t making the same mistakes. Still, it’s sad that so many vocations are slipping through the cracks because of this. Your situation is a tough one. I’ll pray for you.

Yikes, that stinks. I go to the only Catholic high school in my diocese, and I will guarantee you that I am not the only guy called to the priesthood from that school. They’re waiting until the last part of second semester senior year to talk about vocations in Theology classes. I could say more, but I would take to long. I’ll just say that the Church needs to get some serious work done in the whole “inspiring teens about vocations” department.

Congratulations! I myself will be entering the Postulancy Program with the Franciscan Friars of the Assumption of the BVM beginning in August.

Let your Vocation Director keep you on the right track - his guidance will be key to growing your calling and will keep you on the right track during your discernment. Praise God for you and for all those answering the call to serve Him!

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