Just had my First Communion today/ Communion Away From Home Parish Tomorrow? Help plz

This is going to sound odd but I thought I’d ask anyway.
Today was my First Communion so yay! I did it at my home parish :slight_smile:
Tomorrow though I’ll be going to a different parish in a different city ( I generally go to this other parish on Tuesdays because my parish doesn’t have a daytime Mass on Tuesdays and I go to Mass daily) so I have a question about receiving Communion at the other parish.
First, at my home parish everyone receives in the hand. At the other parish, it’s very traditional and everyone goes up, kneels, and receives on the tongue. I’ve always just kneeled in my pew while they received because I hadn’t had my first Communion, but now that I have, I can receive there as well… so I’m wondering how (so I don’t mess up).
When we receive at my home parish my priest says “The Body Of Christ” and I say “Amen” and receive, is it the same for the latin Mass except on the tongue?

Congratulations! :smiley:

It’s truly awesome isn’t it?!

Well, I can’t really speak for what goes on in a Latin Mass, but I think it’s the same way as the OF. However, don’t take my word for it, because I’ve never attended one.

If it is NOT the Novus Ordo Mass (the one like your home parish) but the Extraordinary form (or Traditional Latin Mass), then you would go like everyone else and receive on the tongue. If I’m correct, you don’t say Amen, however. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

I think this is right

if it is not the “ordinary form” but the extraordinary form (in a place in communion with Pope …one would not want to receive otherwise) it may be the case that one does not say amen…

…you can always ask.

Actually you don’t say amen at a trad mass because the priest says it.

He actually says “May the body of our Lord Jesus Christ preserve thy soul unto life everlasting, Amen.”

At the N.O. the man or woman handing out communion says “The Body of Christ.”

Thank you. :slight_smile:

Thank you for all the replies. I decided to just go to the night service at my home parish tonight instead. I got nervous I would mess up :slight_smile:
I’ll be going to the other parish tomorrow though, but I may just sit towards the front and watch until I feel comfortable that I won’t mess up.

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