Just had my first confession today


Well I received my first sacrament, I was pretty nervous and a bit scared leading up to it, but my priest really helped me through it, I didn’t do face to face, it was in the confessional, as soon as I started I broke down, I couldn’t stop crying, It was like God opened my heart and let all the bad things just burst out, I didn’t hold back like I thought I might because I just couldn’t, I truly felt God was right there with me, I said some awful sins and to confess to God and receive his forgiveness was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever done, I feel a massive weight of my shoulders now, I felt like a new man walking out of the church, I was scared as well about what the father might think of me after I confessed but he didn’t bat an eyelid, nothing had changed, I guess he’s heard many of these before, he said he was proud of me for opening up like that, and to not worry about these sins anymore, God has forgiven you, we also took the list that I brought and we burnt it and threw the ashes out the church window. Its hard to explain but I feel so much peace in my heart now after that.

Now im ready to be received into the church, my confirmation is next Tuesday which im really excited about, I receive the Eucharist! I’ve been on this journey a while now and soon I’ll be finally home and a true member of Christs church!


Praise the Lord! Nothing like a good spiritual cleansing. You’ve given me encouragement to go myself. Goodluck on your journey


Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience of grace, Aaron.
I’m happy for you.
May God continue to always bless you.


Welcome home fellow sinner :smiley:

May the Holy Spirit guide you more and more toward His light and make you more more a saint. God knows how much we need His help for this.

Keep on learning your faith and most important strive to live it daily.
It is a daily struggle for us sinners BUT He is there for us :thumbsup:



What a great testimony to the unending forgiveness of God and its healing power.
I’m glad it went so well!
Peace in Christ.


Thank you so much for sharing with us


That is so truly awesomw! I think I wrote those exact words after my first Reconciliation back in March. Once that garbage starts coming out you can’t stop it, praise God.

Congratulations on your upcoming Confirmation and welcome HOME!!


Thanks everyone, It was a special day for me, I used to think what’s the difference, I can just confess to God by myself, but no after today, and confessing to a priest and letting it all out is on whole other level, it just felt so right, and I feel much, much closer to God now, afterwards I was even in tears with how much I love God, his mercy and unconditional love is powerful beyond words, I felt he was right there with me, and no matter what I said he would still love and forgive me, and I have no fear with confessing anymore, I really cant wait till Tuesday, I’ve been going to mass, preying and studying everything about God, Jesus and the church for nearly a year now, and at times it hasn’t been easy, I’ve lost friends, had arguments with family members who thought I was crazy, at work I’ve been mocked and laughed at but its all been worth it, its like water of a ducks back for me now because I have God and Jesus and nothing compares to that. So not long now, ill let you all know how it all goes, ill be a Catholic tues night:D


Thanks for sharing your story. What a wonderful reason for celebration!!! May God bless you.


Thank God for HIS blessed Sacraments!! Only one who has experienced it like you have, can help those who don’t understand one of GOD’s greatest gifts to us. Sometimes we tend to take it for granted a little to much or brush it off as not needed cuz we “never” sin or we try to justify our sins. Welcome Home Aaron, you are in my daily Mass and prayers, God Bless, Memaw


Oh Please do, You will never regret it. New start in life. Mass and prayers for you too. God Bless, Memaw


Deo gratias! Don’t forget that God doesn’t just help you in the confessional, he also helps the priest – especially with the grace of forgetting everything he’s heard.


Deus tibi benedicat semper!


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