Just had my marriage convalidated!

Another step in my journey with the Church. My husband and I just had our marriage convalidated yesterday. We have been married 22 years next Friday. I do have questions regarding all that BUT that is another thread. This post is just about the celebration! :dancing: It was small and simple, but really nice. It has been interesting how God has been working in my life so therefore I had a really interesting mix of relatives there. My husband, who was only baptized Catholic had his Godparents there so that was really nice.



Sometimes a small and simple celebration is the best kind. Congratulations. :thumbsup:

So happy for you!! :flowers:


Congratulations!! How was the process for you? My Dh and I got married outside of the church…I was a fallen away catholic at the time, I now have returned and want to do that also. How long did it take? What kind of counseling did they make you do? what kind of questions did they ask?? My hubs, who is not a cathlic, is a little leary about this and thinks its unneccessary, but will do it for me if I can assure him that the priest isn’t going to be in his face about religion. Sorry I rambled,…maybe I should just send you a pM!!!


I remember when we were able to get our marriage convalidated. The annullment took a while, but was so worth it to be in communion with the Church. (My DH was previously married but had that marriage annulled.) We had to live as brother and sister for quite some time, which was really hard for us.
It is all good!

Congratulations to all - Joe K.

Go ahead and make an appointment with a priest, he will be in the best position to evalute your situation; if one of you needs to get an anullment, he can start the process. You can reassure your husband that no one will give him a hard time about religion, he will only be asked to agree to raise the children Catholic.

Congratulations and all my best wishes!


Congratulations and may God bless your marriage. My wife and I will be doing the same thing.

Congrats! Ours will be in a couple of weeks, and at the risk of being nosy, was yours in the church or the priest’s office? Did you guys dress up or anything? Ours is on a Saturday morning (at 9 am) in the priest’s office so I’m thinking I could get away with nice jeans and a nice shirt but maybe I should err on the side of caution and just wear a suit (with no tie, I hate ties!). Not to mention our priest is very, very laid back.


Ours was in the church-right after evening Mass. There were readings…but a short simple ceremony. My husband did wear his suit. I just wore a skirt and sweater. Our anniversary is this Friday. Which I find kind of ironic…our priest will be in Rome–renewing his vows…:smiley:

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