Just have faith



When your world goes spinning round & round
Continue with faith, Don’t let it get you down

When one day you wake-up, and it don’t seem bright
Pray to our Lord Jesus, For he will make it alright

If your feeling so blue, and it feels that it will never end
With your faith being strong, he’ll always be your friend

If there’s no-one to talk to and your world is coming down
It seems like no-one is listening, but he’s still around

Have faith everyday, seek his help with what you are going through
One day you will realize, Jesus has always been right next to you



I’m glad you’re feeling so positive about faith, and for sharing a song which you hope will encourage others.
May the Lord surround you always with Hid light and love, and may you always be an inspiration to others as a witness of faith.


Thank you for sharing that lovely poem.
God Bless

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