Just in case . . .

. . . the Mayans were right, I wanted to wish everyone a happy and joyful Yule now to avoid the rush should the world end.:wink:

Yule, or the solstice, takes place at about 10 a.m. tomorrow. It signifies the first day of winter and, that from tomorrow until the summer solstice, the days will start to grow longer and the nights shorter.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I always look forward to longer days and warmer weather.

So, I celebrate! :thumbsup:



The Mayans find it funny how people think the world is ending


Oh yeah, the big day is upon us. I keep forgetting that the world will end now in just a few hours. :smiley:

This whole thing is so… irrational.

It is now 0840 hours MST, 21 December 2012. Did I miss something? I was always the last to know when something happen.

I find it funny that Y2K was the computer version of 12/21/12.

When Y2K was getting ready to happen, many companies and corporations had their IST guys sitting in front of the system waiting for the “event”. Then suddenly, one second after midnight…the numbers did what was expected and the IST guy said, " there, now can I go home?".

Same thing with 12/21/12. It is the cosmological equivalent of Y2K. “click” and the next bactun clicked over and started the next 26,000 year cycle of wobble.:smiley:

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