Just in praise of Jesus

I would like to tell you of this.
Some 9 weeks ago I had a head ach that was strange. i said a prayer to Jesus and told Him that I couldn’t understand it I went to the Dr who took my blood preasure. He then looked at me and said “st the least you should have had a stroke but by rights you should be dead”. My preasure was 189/134. now look at this when he told me that Jesus put a vision in my mind of when the head ach became too much I said a prayer “Jesus I don’t know what is happening to my body but I know You do so Igive it to You”.

That was the sum of my prayer Jesus had taken the stroke death what ever away. I was in my home town took my mother to the Dr and whiile there I asked if he would take my preasure again. It was 132/104 and he told me to go straight to my Dr.

Ok I went to work wrang my parents to prayer for the stress toleave me andas I swas speakiing to them and latter praying Ifelt a something leave me. I knew I was free. Some 4 hours latter at work (I work in the Hospital) I saw a nurse not doing anything. I asked if he would take my blood presure he did and I saw a 132 and thought ok thats low and then i saw a 73 and realised **132/73 **Wow Jesus has done this for me. Now is time to praise Him Amen Amen Amen.

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