Just in Time For Father’s Day: JCPenney Rolls Out Two Daddies Ad

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With its latest catalog, and just in time for Father’s Day, the department store is once again making itself perfectly clear: it has no problem with same-sex couples.

The two men in the ad are “real-life dads Todd Koch and Cooper Smith,” and the two children are their kids, Claire and Mason, according to Gawker.

“First Pals: What makes Dad so cool?” reads the ad’s copy. “He’s the swim coach, tent maker, best friend, bike fixer and hug giver – all rolled into one. Or two.”

Ugh this is so offensive to me. If I actually shopped there I would boycott it. All I gotta say is thank G-d for Target!!

LOL…yes indeed thank God for Target.


Eh. They are selling some shirts with rainbows on em for a month. All of those proceeds will go to some group. I don’t expect it to be too much money they’ll make, and if I don’t buy one of those shirts than I don’t have to worry about my money going to that group.


Target supports my community and schools, and they don’t promote this garbage in their advertising. They also support lots of pro-family organizations, so, I see this as them being ‘fair’.

Target’s homepage

JCPenney is on my ignore list. Thanks.

Their clothes are horrible anyways.

LOL…Target has some colorful shirts for purchase.:slight_smile:

20 centuries of human progress, staggering technological advances to get to this? We’ve reached the pinnacle of human evolution? I think Satan has anothe trick up his sleeve for us right around the corner, I think our desensitization to sin and our collective immorality makes us ripe for his protege.

I continue to find it ironic that the media keeps using the word evolution when describing homosexual marriage and people’s attitude towards it. In school my impression was that evolution always led toward better chances of survival. Biologically, same-sex marriage leads straight to extinction. Good going, Darwin. :smiley:

This is really aggravating for me. JCPenney is the only store with a decent, reasonably priced selection in women’s sizes and is usually where i do most of my shopping. I simply can’t find what I need anywhere else! Well, unless I go to Lane Bryant and spend $50 on one shirt! :mad:

They are now (reluctantly) on my boycott list. This is just disgusting to me. The Ellen spokesman thing didn’t bother me, but this ad is where I draw the line.

Where’s Mom?

If those are their kids, there has to be a mom somewhere.

The children are adopted.

A recent article at a Texas LGBT website identified the men in the ad.

And it linked to an article from three years ago where the men talked about the adoption process

You could not pay me to buy anything from there.

I saw the ad yesterday when the catalog came in. I tried to give it the benefit of the doubt, 2 dads with their own children hanging out watching TV. (could have been)

I also recently saw an economy expert really criticize the entire change JC Penney is undergoing. It’s lost lots of money this past quarter. I haven’t been able to go lately…all the departments in my local JCP are much less stocked. They used to have shelves of jeans (different brands) cute clothes for children, shoes.

For Easter we attempted to purchase some clothing for the kids. We found nothing and went to other stores in the mall. My daughter is almost 8. Nothing that an 8 year old could wear for Easter, all grown up clothing in miniature.

Didn’t they just do a 2 moms ad too? Or was that another store?

Thanks for the information.

I find it regrettable that the adoption agency did not or could not place the children in a family with a mom and a dad.

Do you have a Kohls in your area? They are reasonably priced, have women’s sizes and stylish clothes. They’re my new go-to store now that Penney’s has gone downhill.

Decades of published research in sociology, psychology etc. has shown the best situation for a child to be brought up in is by a mother and father who are married.

Having both a mother and a father has different benefits and homosexual adoption is wrong because it denies a child of having either a mother or a father.

Glenn Stanton and Bill Maier in their book, ‘Marriage on Trial: The Case Against Same-sex Marriage and Parenting:’

‘The two most loving mothers in the world can’t be a father to a little boy. Love can’t equip mothers to teach a little boy how to be a man. Likewise, the two most loving men can’t be a mother to a child. Love does little to help a man teach a little girl how to be a woman. Can you imagine two men guiding a young girl through her first menstrual cycle or helping her through the awkwardness of picking out her first bra? Such a situation might make for a funny television sitcom but not a very good real-life situation for a young girl.’

I like Kohl’s too. One of the stores I service is a Kohls and their overhead music is THE best. I think they might have Christian owners because the selection is very…positive :smiley:

Yes, that was JC Penney.


I’ve just lost 35 lbs on my way to losing 100, and have had to get a lot of new slacks (gone from size 52 to 44 so far). Drat it, but Penney’s has been selling Van Heusen summer weight pants in a variety of sizes, and I can’t resist $60 slacks going for $30 while the sale is on. I don’t buy anything else there. Target for boxer shorts and t-shirts, Dillard’s for dress shirts, suits, and jackets. I’ll avoid Penneys if I can. :slight_smile:

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