Just Letting everybody know about my "Being missing in action"

I didn’t mean to cause concern or questions on why I suddenly dropped out of sight here. It’s been 10 days since I was here and posted. I just had to take some time off and step back. I will come back and become regular again one day but not for a while. All is good with all of you here (love y’all guys and treasure each and every one of you and your sharing here) and all is good in my home and with my family. I just needed to stop sitting from morning to night in my recliner and being on forums and blogs. It wasn’t healthy for me mentally, physically or spiritually. Most of you who might come here on your smart phones, I don’t have one of those. I only come to sites through my laptop and that goes along with sitting in my recliner. I am trying to be a better Catholic by what I do in my daily life. I must drastically change some things and adjust other things. I’ve dropped off of another forum that I visited daily as well. Not an easy thing for a person like me who does not like change. My New Year’s resolution (without being specific) is to clean out, purge and not fill my life with material things. I need all my attention and focus to do that only by God’s Grace,
PLEASE know that I haven’t forgotten about any of you here. I pray DAILY and PURPOSEFULLY for all Catholic Clergy, Consecrated Religious and those discerning & those here who I’ve promised to do so BY NAME and will always continue to do so. I also remember all of you and yours here in prayer. One day I’ll jump back in here with “both feet” and pick up again. Just wanted to let y’all know I’m praying for all of you and yours and ask you to do the same for me and mine. God bless you all with every possible Grace now and always. I will leave my name and email with Father Edward George and if there is any emergency or need for me to definitely know something from here I’ll ask him to email me. Love y’all and wish y’all the very best,


Thank you for that post. We (I’m sure we , not the “royal we” ) were concerned.

God bless, and may you have a prayerful, joyous, and holy time off.


Thanks for the update, CajunJoy! It’s good to take a break once in a while and shake things up! May God bless you and keep you well!


Thank you for letting us know that you are taking time off for a while and re-orienting your life according to God’s Will for you as you know it.

May God continue to keep you safe from all harm, both temporal and spiritual, continue to lead and guide you, and shower you with His abundant graces and blessings.

:hugs: xx


It is shocing how much time we can waste here and how easily we can become somewhat addicted
to CAF.

I understand perfectly and I think it is necessary to take those breaks once in awhile.

Hope you find some other better ways to use your time.

You will be missed though!

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Thanks for checking in, CajunJoy. I fully support people taking temporary or even permanent breaks, but there’s always a small concern that somebody might have taken ill, or their family did, or some other disaster.
So I am glad to hear you are okay and just doing your New Years resolution!


Thank you so very much for letting us know. Wise decision and prayers for you too. Have been wondering if you had left. God bless you.

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Whaddya mean, SOMEWHAT??? :wink:



I very much enjoy your posts. I don’t use social media, so my ‘outlet’ or ‘substitute’ for this is Catholic Answers Forums. It can be very addictive!

Looking forward to your proper return.

May the Lord be with you,



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Thanks I’m back but hope to be so with balance and moderation.


Thanks in advance for your prayers. You are the Best!

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