Just Like Obama, Trump’s Russia Policy Speaks Louder Than His Words


Some thoughts the former President of Georgia on Trump’s meeting with Putin and contrasting Trump and Obama vis-a-vis Putin.

Very good article. Thanks for sharing!

Agreed. And the reality of Trump’s policies toward Russia (as opposed to Obama’s) provide a good clue to the real motives of Trump’s opponents.

I do think Trump looks like a fool with the ‘would’ ‘wouldn’t’ comment qualification about Russian election meddling. Who dreamt that one up. But I have learned to take Trump’s verbal off script winging it for what it is, on Twitter or wherever. That is not what his presidency is about. He had a good talk with Putin and I am glad for it. He is not going to dismantle US intelligence and surveillance of Russia behind the scenes. John Brennan was a communist. I am getting so appalled at how extensively Obama overhauled the intelligence community with what can almost be described as anti-American agents. Deliberately, not just the odd stupid comment here and there.


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