Just made my first confession


And I’m in need of some reassurance/ guidance.
I’m 27 years old and was baptized, but not raised in the church. My husband and I are going to be received into the church at the Easter vigil and are very excited.
Before confession, I sat down and wrote out everything I could remember - pages and pages worth. I also went through again and wrote things down with each of the commandments, because that is how our priest said he would do the first confession. That in itself was very freeing, just to write it down and be honest with myself.
Our priest said for the first one, he would go through the commandments and ask questions, so I didn’t bring my list in with me. I answered his questions honestly and as completely as I could at the time with what came to mind. He said that if I remembered something after the fact that I didn’t say during confession, that I was absolved and not to worry about it.
However, I did leave a few things out - a couple big things that it didn’t occur to me to name specifically when I was sitting there, but that I really wish I had said. For one of the commandments in question, I think he sensed that they might be awkward for me (adultery) and so when I gave a vague confession regarding premarital impurity, he said okay and kind of skimmed over it. However, there was more to it than that and a couple different “species” of impurity/ lust that I didn’t really delve into. For the commandment regarding lust, I just completely forgot some things that were kind of a big deal and related to the adultery commandment. It’s been a long time since they were a problem, but I still feel that I should have been more specific.
I really want to get this stuff off my chest before being received into the church, but I also don’t want to be a nuisance. Should I just go and talk to him? Or should I wait until my next confession?
Thanks for the advice.


Congratulations and Welcome
I hope that you can rest assured that you have been forgiven. It sounds like you were well prepared and as long as you didn’t OMIT anything on purpose of lie in the confessional all sins were forgiven. Trust in God’s mercy. Priests do know what you are getting at when you mention the species of sin and if they want to question you or counsel you they will. Having said that, I will tell you I made a general confession (kind of like a first confession for a cradle Catholic) several months ago and felt as you did afterward. I really felt that I hadn’t fully accused myself of a certain sin. I tried not to worry too much about it but did bring it up at my next confession (with a different priest). I simply said I don’t think I fully accused myself of X in my last confession and for that and that sin I am truly sorry. He shrugged it off and warned me against being scrupulous. After that I did not allow myself to think about the sins from “before”. Do trust in God’s mercy and forgiveness, what a blessing and a gift! Happy Easter.


Hi. I, too, made my first confession today. I was baptized in a Protestant church several years ago, and have gone through the RCIA classes this year. It was not what I expected at all. The priest went through the 10 commandments and the 7 deadly sins, asking if I had committed each one - just yes or no - gave me absolution & sent me on my way. No chance for details, but I know that God knows what I’ve done & what I’m sorry for. I’m looking forward to the Easter vigil!


Welcome home. You are truly forgiving of all those forgotten sins. If these sins still are on your mind next time, you may bring them up.


First of all, congratulations on your first confession! :);):yup::bounce::clapping::thumbsup:

You are absolved, so you can just wait till your next confession.

For the future, an “Examination of Conscience” can often be helpful in preparing for confession.

Here’s an example of one. I wish someone would have given one of these years ago!



Congratulations to you, too! :);):thumbsup::yup::bounce::clapping:

I’d recommend an Examination of Conscience to help with preparation for you, too.



I made my first confession a couple weeks ago and I like you left the list out (it was face to face) and went from my heart. I got most everything but forgot a couple.

Sincerely forgetting is not a problem or even like you said being more vague than u liked? The problem is in choosing to hold back which you did not.

So they are all absolved. Just share the things you forgot at your next confession.

I didn’t wait and made a second confession last week. I still felt things on my conscience and really want to be a clean slate for Vigil. Is encourage you to go again if you are at all bothered which it appears you are.

God Bless! Prayers RCIA friend!


The previous posters have said all that needs to be said; I just want to say how wonderful that you and Jon are entering the Church–welcome :slight_smile:


Be at peace, your sins are forgiven. You are obliged, though, to confess forgotten mortal sins that you later remember at your next confession.

Many churches offer an opportunity to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation some time during Holy Week so if you can, go to confession at your next opportunity - and bring a list so this doesn’t happen again. I almost never go to confession without a written list and I go weekly. Priests are pretty busy during Holy Week but if this is truly weighing on your mind you could call the rectory on Monday and see if you can get an appointment for another confession if the parish isn’t already offering an opportunity sometime this week.


To all of you coming into the Church this Easter Vigil, May the Lord Bless you and keep you, and May HIs Face shine upon you. As a Convert myself, its just going to be one big buzz learning more and more of Christ’s Church 2000 years old, there is so much to read, to pray, Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, Rosary, hope you all get a present of Rosary Beads, you can go to a Monastery for a Retreat to pray in peace and silence to the Lord or a Convent if a woman to get closer to the Lord., spiritual talks in the Parish or Conferences that are organized. If your a guy you have the option to join the various Knights (Not of the Round Table) but the Knights of Columbus.

So much to learn, pray and do, your on one great journey of a unique Spiritual Journey. Very good app’s for your phone is “Laudate” /Church Fathers/The Pope App.

God bless walk with God through his One, Holy, Catholic , Apostolic Church.

“As St. Thomas Moore said just before he was to hang " I am the King’s good Servant but God’s first”.


^^ THIS ^^

My advice would be to go back to confession as soon as you are able to fully confess any mortal sins or sins that weigh heavily on you. This is for your peace of mind going forward. You could speak to your parish priest about it,or, if you would feel more comfortable going somewhere else, I think that would be OK. You could just say to the priest that you are coming into the church, have made your first confession, but there are some things you feel you didn’t confess fully and would like to confess them prior to your first Communion.


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