Just need a little understanding regarding edification

I understand that we must attempt to edify ourselves through all our actions, but what about simple actions like putting our feet up or scratching an itch?

Very obviously, this isn’t sinful. Since these are pretty much personal, natural actions, that means edification isn’t relevant…correct?

I don’t intend to be demeaning or snarky, but it would be good if you were look up the meaning of edification, esp. in the Biblical sense, as it can be a bit confusing when trying to separate it from the secular concept. As you may get several differing answers or opinions, perhaps it would help if you ask your priest. Peace and prayers

No, not correct. The actions you describe are morally neutral, and don’t have anything to do with edifying oneself. Edification is not simply doing things that are not sinful.
I’ll echo Mary Estelle’s words, but I would point out also that your conclusion doesn’t even follow the secular definition of edification.

Allow me to rephrase that. Since these are morally neutral actions, we don’t have to worry about edifying ourselves when scratching an itch, etc.?

Right, you don’t necessarily have to focus on edifying yourself with every single action.

I see. I suppose the teaching “all things must be done for edification” is a bit more general than I initially interpreted it. Thanks for the clarity.

Modern Catholic Dictionary:

EDIFICATION. St. Paul’s term for the way Christians should behave and thus give witness by their good example, for the upbuilding of the Mystical Body of Christ (Romans 14:18; I Corinthians 14:5; II Corinthians 10:8; Ephesians 4:29). (Etym. Latin aedificare, to instruct or improve spiritually; from aedes, temple, house.)

Christian edification is not about one’s self. Something is only edifying if it also edifies the body, as Thistle’s quote points out.

Maybe you could broaden your question to think about how others must be edified by your actions also.

To paraphrase many Old and New testament passages, I sometimes put it like this, to worship God is to not stunt the growth of the adopted widows and orphans in God’s profitable family firm. If we pray for others when we scratch and put our feet up, that’s edifying.

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