Just out of curiosity

I’m not being scrupulous about this, just something I wonder about

ok, so if my understanding is correct, an unmarried couple can visit and stay with others, provided that they have separate sleeping quarters. i.e. visiting your boyfriend’s family if they live out of town. correct?

but let’s say your hosting a couple with an irregular marital situation, would a conscientious catholic still apply the same rules? e.g. daughter got married outside the church and therefore marriage is not valid. how do you even to refer to that? it’s basically like the person is not married. would it be wrong to even say that their husband is their husband?

or dad got divorced and comes for a visit with his new “wife”, for example.

or your brother comes with his male “partner”. I mean, generally, you would let people of the same sex share rooms but this situation would be different.

I’m not currently in these situations, but I could be in the future. so just trying to find some guidelines

if you are trying to keep a catholic household: unmarried couples shoulldn’t be spending the night together in the same room

Hey Mom, these are my good friends Dick and Jane Appleseed. They’re in town tonight - would it be OK if they could use the spare room?

Sure! But Dick, if you could just answer these few questions first. Jane, I’ll get to you in a moment.

How different families handle this is up to them.

You’ve asked this before.

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