Just recently moved.... advice


Hello. I just recently moved to another town within my county. I'm a single man in his early 30's. But I moved far within my same county that I live in.

My question is- how do you or how can I make new friends in a new place/in a new town??? There aren't really any bars or pubs here except for one.

Any ideas or suggestions???



This summer I just moved in my county also, not so far away, but on the other side of a mountain. So far the number one way I have been able to meet new people is taking my dog to the dog park. It's such an easy way to start conversations with people, because it is just so natural to talk about each other's dogs. Even walking your dog around your neighborhood, people always stop to pet it and talk to you. If you don't have a dog, I highly recommend it. Dogs are great companions in and of themselves as well.


some of these will depend on what's available where you live, but I hope something will work:

see if the local high school or nearby community college offers community ed courses

go to the public library--there's often stuff going on there

become active in church

shop locally and talk to the clerks--even if all you have is a convenience store

basically get out into the community in whatever way is available where you are. In smaller towns tell people that you are new in town and most of the time they will have lots of ideas for you.

Ask about any service clubs in the area (Rotary, Lions, Kiwanis...)


I would start with the church. Most have a variety of Ministries and activities depending on your interests and talents. Also, check with your local Parks and Rec Department. Some have local chess clubs, pick-up basketball games, things like that.


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