Just Sad..

Yesterday, i finally gathered up enough courage to go to confession and confess all my sins. It had been bothering me recently that I never fully confessed in the past…and I can tell you that it felt great!

However, when I got home I found my dog laying down and instantly knew something was wrong. I screamed for my husband and he confirmed that he was dead.:frowning: I’m not saying there is a correlation between my dog dying and going to confession but right now I am hurting and just feel the need to ramble. I now have an incredible amount of guilt for not spending more time petting and playing with my dog. He deserved so much more. I really don’t know why I’m even writing this…I guess I just need to put my feelings in words. I have this terrible guilt and know it was a sin not to treat one of God’s creatures with the love it deserved. If only I could pet him one more time and let him know that he was loved. Hopefully, God will allow me the opportunity one day to hold him again. And, to top it all off, I missed church today because I lost track of time. Thanks for listening…

Try not to miss Mass. I don’t know the level of sin it is if you honestly lost track of time. Locally to me though there is a mass at least every half hour till at the last 6:30pm mass. Even if it’s not in your native tongue it is still fully good to go to.
Sorry to hear about your dog.

I am sorry that you are feeling so hurt now. I would not be surprised if there were a correlation. I have often heard people say that significant spiritual progress will trigger a spiritual attack. A good Confession like the one you described is significant. And you sound like a person under attack. Not only your pain but especially your guilt feelings are signs of attack. A case can be made that irrational guilt is the primary method of spiritual attack since the word Satan is Hebrew for “accuser.”

Since this is a real possibility, I suggest that you give extra attention and effort to maintaining prayer and Sacraments for the next while. Try to get to at least one weekday Mass. (The way you missed Mass also sounds like a sign of spiritual attack.) You very well may not feel like praying but make yourself do it. I would expect the Rosary to be especially helpful.

oh yeah … sounds about right to me too … So sorry about your beloved dog ! :frowning: You were so brave to go to confession :thumbsup:, know that Satan also tries his best to keep you from the Sacraments . Dont give in to him lovey , hang in there and lean on the throne . You will be rewarded for being faithful . We are praying for your pain . hugs !

@snowbee…the last mass is at 10:30. I looked down at my watch at 10:24…I could have still gone but would have been late so I just decided to stay in my dogs room and grieve. I know I was wrong and will confess next week.

@floresco…are you saying satan could have killed my dog? If so, I hate him more than ever. Since I didn’t go to mass, I went to a Shrine near my home and purchased a St. Francis statue and new rosary (my old one was broke and I’ve been meaning to get a new one for awhile now). I placed St. Francis near my Mother Mary statue in hopes that he will take care my dog. This guilt I feel is over-whelming. I know I have read before that dogs don’t go to heaven but I am hoping that God will allow me see my “pup” (as i always called him) again. Geeze, I now feel guilty for having so much guilt over my dog when I know that people everyday experience far worse tragedies. I just want so desperately to get my pups forgiveness. Again, sorry for rambling but I am taking this much harder then I had anticipated. I guess I am hoping someone will jump in here and tell me that one day when its my time to go, my pup will be there waiting for me.:blush:

*Just a side not- the last time I saw him alive, we looked into each others eyes (which we rarely did) and I thought to myself that I never realized his eyes were such a pretty, light brown…:frowning:

@deb…thanks for your kind words and prayers…i need them.

Now that I think about it, I was gone all day yesterday so I never saw my dog. I came home only to change. I didn’t make it a point to say hi to my dog because I was in a rush and didn’t want to miss confession. However, I would think I would have noticed him laying in the spot where I found him…making me think he died within the 25 minutes it took to go to church and come home. I can’t help but think of what Maria Simma says in my favorite book (Get Us Out Of Here)…the devil hates dogs the most because he is man’s best friend. he was obviously unhappy with my decision to confess sins that have haunted me for over 20 years…

So sad…

Grieving was not an inappropriate thing to do at this time. What ever connection there might be between these two events is something you can ponder later. It would be most advantages however for you to partake of the sacraments as regularly and frequently as possible at this time. Also there is a website, a forum, and chat also called petloss.com/ This site was life saver for my wife a little more than a year ago. She still communicates regularly with folks there and offers support in every way she can, it has become like a ministry for her. You will be in my prayers.

I am so sorry for your loss. I know how horrible it is to experience the loss of a pet. If there was some kind of correlation between your confession and the death of your pet, don’t worry, Satan and his “minions” will get their fair share of woe on Judgement Day.

Again, I am so sorry for your loss.

I am so sorry to hear about your beloved dog.

I am so sorry…my own dog of 14 years recently passed away so I know that it hurts.

Hug I wish there was a way to make you feel better, but since I can’t say anything to make it hurt less right now, I will say that God LOVES you. Allow Him to hold you. Clutch onto him so tightly and let Him heal you. Let Him into your heart. Don’t let Satan achieve his goal of pulling you away from God. God bless, and I will pray for you.

I am so sorry about your dog. Losing a beloved pet hurts. Don’t feel guilty about grieving for him, and I understand how you can lose track of time. When our dog died, my husband just sat in his chair and cried and cried. He even did not go to work the next day, out of grief. He couldn’t do anything, just sit and stare and cry and talk about his “buddy”.
They were very close. I don’t think it is unusual for people to grieve heavily over their pets. I will say a prayer for you.

thanks for the responses everyone…and the link. you don’t know how much it means to me.

@CatholicZ09-I had to smile at your last sentence.:thumbsup:

These special friends come into our lives and teach us important lessons, such as loyalty, fidelity, unconditional love, forgiveness. They are like small reflections of God’s attributes. Remember his life as a small example of God’s love for you.

thank you stylites.:slight_smile:

A few minutes ago, I was helping my 1 yo down the stairs. She stopped, let go my hand, looked out the window and said “butterscotch is home”. I know its just my wishful thinking but I took that as “home” as in heaven.:slight_smile: I guess what was so odd was that I cannot ever recall her calling him by his actual name because I usually called him “pup”. Anyways, the spot that she was looking at was the same spot that I saw him last before he died. He had actually never been on that side of the house before…but for some reason he wandered over there that day. Again, probably just my wishful thinking…but then again, I am a HUGE believer in signs…and I look for them EVERYWHERE. And I did just an hour earlier, beg Mother Mary for one.:o

At any rate, I am feeling a little better…

Was just thinking…If there are no animals in heaven, then wouldn’t St. Francis be awful lonely without his beloved creatures? Surely God would not deprive him…or us. :slight_smile: :thumbsup: :slight_smile:

again-wishful thinking…

dailey-I’m so sorry to read about the loss of your dog.

:console: :hug1:

thank you barb.:slight_smile:


Just heard about the loss of your dog. My deepest condolences are with you at this time (as well as tons of prayers) :hug1: In my family we’ve only had to put one dog down, but it was pretty brutal for me (I’m very sensitive to begin with). Let yourself grieve. I didn’t really, and it hurt me in the long run. Our current dog is older, and I know deep down soon we will have to put him down, and I am so dreading it. My former parish priest (he’s a chaplain at my alma mater) just lost his dog (a Black Lab) roughly a year ago at this time, and I know it must have been very hard for Father. His name was Digger (the dog, not the priest), and he was always with him, especially at work. Everyone who had contact with my former parish priest knew Digger. He currently has a new dog (a Fox Terrier), but I will never ever forget Digger. Many a Confession I’ve had with Digger at my feet. I couldn’t look at Father in those times, but Digger was always there with those sad sorrowful brown eyes (anyone who has or has had a Black Lab knows exactly what I’m talking about. Many a time I know through Father that when people chat with him, it’s to Digger, not him directly. He was such a gentle dog and taught me a lot. How are you doing?


Very sorry for your loss. Thanks for sharing.

I believe that most Catholic theologians state that we just don’t know whether our pets whom we loved on earth will be in heaven or not.

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