"Just say "Merry Christmas'"


I really like this video, not sure if it’s the right forum but this is a Jewish gentleman with a great rationale for saying Merry Christmas. He says “Happy Holiday” is being pushed to try to turn America into a secular society, when it’s clearly not and there’s no reason it should be. A secular government, sure, but not the society.


I don’t see this war against “Merry Christmas.” I work with people of all faiths (and none) and no one is annoyed or offended by Merry Christmas, and no one asks me not to say it. I am surrounded by Christmas decorations, Christmas music and Christmas sales. If there is some attempt to stamp out Christmas, its failing pretty badly.

I’m glad someone is not bowing to political correctness and not secularizing the holiday. This all coming from a Jew! I also didn’t know that a number of our Christmas songs were written by Jews!

The war on Christmas does exist, but most individuals are not part of it.

It’s being waged by some George Soros types and some other militant atheists, like the Middle School teacher in Boca Raton, FL who put up the satan sign next to the Nativity and Menorah in a city park.

There are is a strong, vocal MINORITY that is waging this war.

God Bless

They must be such a tiny minority that they are unnoticeable where I live.

Same here (New York City). If there’s a war going on, it must be underground, because I haven’t seen it.

I am still trying to deal with having Midnight Mass at 10:30, even though it means I get more sleep before I drive eight hours to visit my family on Christmas Day. If the bishop ends the Mass formerly known as Mass at Midnight with, “The Mass is ended, go in peace and Happy Holidays”, I will be offended.

People can say whatever they want, be it Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, etc. Just leave everyone alone.

Yeah, me neither.

Look up the Fox News network…It is a pleasure to see usa officials saying Merry Christmas and God Bless…
I dont know how the democrats got so close with the liberals and progressists…Even democrats which are elected in Senat started to say MerryChristmas and God Bless …Probably they wjll get rid of the liberals.

I have noticed when shopping the last couple of weeks that none of the clerks say Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays or anything at all referring to the season. They just say “have a nice day” as they usually do. In fact when one checkout person actually did say Merry Christmas I commented to her that she was the first person in a store who said that to me. So I’ve been making a point of saying Merry Christmas first, and almost everyone has said thank you.

Even Mr. Trump can’t get the waiters at Trump Grill to say “Merry Christmas” :smiley:

While Trump has said that people will say “merry Christmas” under his presidency, our waiter [at Trump Grill] wished us “happy holidays.”


It’s silly for activists and corporate decision makers to order people to not say ‘Merry Christmas’ but the ‘War on Christmas’ is not going to push Christianity out of American society. That will be done by Christians not behaving appropriately, refusing to do their best to avoid sin and not properly learning about what they believe and standing firm in a graceful way. The word ‘Christmas’ is still used a lot in more secularized countries so maybe we should focus on the things that matter more.

Oh that pesky First Amendment.


Love this :thumbsup:


I work retail and have been putting in quite a few hours these last few days working the register where I deal with customers as they are departing our store. The fact is that I’d say 85% of the individuals I’ve checked out in the last 48 hours did get a simple “have a nice day” - not because of any agenda on my part - but rather because I’m operating on so little sleep and so much overwork that I’m defaulting to my automatic response. I have to double check the calendar to even know what day it is - and having been surrounded at work with Christmas decorations and Christmas music since before November, there is no “clue” there to remind me exactly how close Christmas is (and thus rephrase my wording). :wink:

There’s no malice or agenda behind it - and indeed I greatly appreciate the Merry Christmas wishes I’ve received and make sure to thank them and offer them a Merry Christmas in return.

But until Saturday (Christmas eve) I’m afraid that Merry Christmas will still not be an automatic part of my response.

Merry Christmas is what I typically say to others that I know, and sometimes to those I’m not familiar with.

There are a few people that I know that do not care for the mention of Christmas. For them I’ll say Happy Holidays.

I have only ever heard people say Merry or Happy Christmas or Have a lovely Christmas. I always think of Happy holidays as an American thing.

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