Just Say YES to: Rosary to be simultaneously prayed on all five continents


Just Say “YES” in this post to be part of this great event…can’t promise to participate in the exact time? God knows no time…just participate as close to the time as you can.

Pray can change the world…




Yes, I’ll do it. It looks pretty cool! One question: Is that for us to do on the 15th or the 16th? I’ll be able to do it either way, but I’d like to know. It’s 10:00 am for me.:slight_smile: (CST)


Ditto, and same question.


We’ll be at Mass… at that time. So… since God is outside of “time and space” as we, in human terms know it… I will offer my Sunday daily Rosary (said at a different time) for this intention.

Thanks for bringing this special prayer… to the forum’s attention. God bless.

Our Lady of Fatima… Queen of the most Holy Rosary… pray for us.
Servant of God, Pope John Paul II… pray for us.




Certes oui.


Those who wish to join in the prayer should note that 5:00pm Paris time is 11:00 a.m. Eastern time and 9:00 a.m. Pacific on Sunday August 16.



Oh, YES!:smiley:


Or as we Southerners say when we get all excited “YEA-US!!”

And how perfect, since Our Lady of the Assumption is France’s patron saint. Saint Joan of Arc, Saint Therese of Liseaux, intercede for the Eldest daughter of the Church – and for all of us in this Modern world who deal with the temptation of doubt!


Thank you! I’ll be praying.:thumbsup:


Sounds wonderful. I’ll participate.


I will put that on my calendar! Thanks for the info.


Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!!!


I know this is getting late, but does anyobody know what the Pope John Paul meditations were they’ll be using or how to find them on the internet?


**For me, I’m just going to ask John Paul II to aid my prayer and help me meditate. I think that will be good enough. I’m off to adoration now to pray my rosary.



Done! What a great thing it was to know I was joining in prayer with all of you and with so many other people around the world.


I can’t describe what that Rosary was for me . . . It was definitely one of the most powerful experiences with God and Mary I’ve ever had in the Rosary. And it comes right after my Consecration to Mary yesterday. I feel like the Church was just spiritually lifting me up. The joy was indescribable. I pray I, and all Christians that joined together in that Rosary, may serve the Church well throughout our lives.


AGH ! I missed it ! ! ! :frowning: Didn’t see this thread yesterday !

Anything similar planned in future? Anyone know how to start another? Wouldn’t this be marvelous? Even if we, as members here, could do same and spread the word? Any thoughts / suggestions or knowledge about others? We need this NOW - with what’s going on in our wold…Maybe, on Our Lady’s birthdate, Sept. 8th or Feast of the Holy Rosary, October 7th?


As somebody pointed out earlier on the thread, prayer is beyond time.
Besides, lots of people are probably still praying because they couldn’t make it right at that time. Go for it now!

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