Just See How the Coptic people joyfully await their new bishop in North America


Curiosity question: are the Egyptian Copts considered as an apostolic church with 7 valid sacraments just as the eastern and oriental orthodox churches are?

I would need to check . I am sure someone on this forum, who writes about the eastern churches, will know. :smiley:

The Coptic Church is an Oriental Orthodox Church, so it falls into the same category as the other OOCs. In other words it is a Sacramentally valid Church.

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Thank you!

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I believe that it is also one of the OOCs which have formal, written agreements with Rome for sacramental care of one another’s faithful.

They aren’t in communion with any of the other Oriental Orthodox? It’s my understanding that they are.

There’s also the Coptic Catholic Church, which IS in full communion with the Holy See.

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There is a a Coptic Orthodox Church near here that let the local Melkites use their Church when the Melkite church was being worked on. I met a bunch of them when I went up to Nashville with my sister, I have a lot of respect for them

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Hmmm… My research tells me that they are, but my Egyptian friend has been adamant that they are not. I have always taken her at face value, but I wonder now if there were language and cultural issues in interpreting what she said. It wouldn’t be the first time.

I love Coptic chants and liturgy, especially in Arabic and Coptic!

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The Coptic Orthodox are Oriental Orthodox. They have valid sacraments.

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