Just some images to ponder during this Lent


Crucified Jesus according to the Shroud:

Wish we had this statue in our Confessional:

I have this EXACT image on my wall and I’m looking at it now:




Crucified Christ on the wall in the cathedral in St Asaph in Wales, UK. Looked like a body that had been laying in the bogs for centuries.


That seems a bit scary.




image https://i0.wp.com/catholicsaints.info/wp-content/uploads/viamatris00x500.jpg?resize=287%2C500


The atleast alleged letter from Jesus to St. Bridget, Queen of Hungary portrays this in his own words.


The Crucifixion by Tintoretto (1565)


Error correction: St. Bridget was not Queen of Hungary.


Excellent thread @CajunJoy65 . :smile:

From the Oberammergau Passion Play


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