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I don’t know if this belong to this forum but I can’t think of a better place neither.

I have a childlike faith who really don’t need knowledge to back it up. My faith have really not changed much during my life, I still believe in the same God as I always have been.

So my question is: people who read and learn theology and study the Scriptures and book’s written by Saint’s, do they do it to support faith or seeking for a “way out” so to say? I know only a few things, if it is in The Bible it must be true, if The RCC teach it it must be right and if there is no logical explanation it is God who are “talking” to me. (And thank you RoseMary for teaching me about the Original Sin.) That is enough for me but is it REALLY enough? And how true is the words from a song (by J.Cash) “The more I know the more I know that I don’t know at all”. I don’t think, if I could understand other book’s then The Bible it would take something from me, this “blind” faith. I don’t want to know everything, is that right?

Catholics are required to make an effort to learn what the Church teaches. In other threads people have assumed ignorance is bliss and if they don’t know what the Church teaches then it reduces their chances of committing mortal sin.
However, ignorance is not bliss when it comes to what the Church teaches. If a person is too lazy to learn what the Church teaches or simply refuses to learn then they will be held accountable by God and will be culpable for their sins and cannot simply say they did not know what they did was a sin of grave matter.

You should make an effort to at least read your Catechism. You can get a copy for about $10. If it is too difficult for you, you can get a simpler Catechism called COMPENDIUM TO THE CATECHISM for $15. All Catholics are under a moral obligation to learn as much about their faith as they can. How can they explain it to other people if they don’t. But if you have a learning problem there is a lot of things available on CD.


Well in my personal experience, the more I read in the ccc and Bible the less I understood!

You might be best staying with the bible/ccc if it works for you and you are living the way the church teaches.:slight_smile:

Well, I just finished reading St. Teresa of Avila’s Interior Castle, the New Testament, and I’m close to finishing St. Thomas Aquinas’ Treatise on Habits from the Summa Theologica, but I can most definitely say that you will not be able to find a “way out” in those books. If anything, they give you a glimpse of how holy, sacred, and rich our Catholic traditions are. I can’t even describe how wonderful it is.

Then you ask someone who knows so they can help you understand.

Being uninformed can lead to other forces pulling you or leading you away from God and his church. Lean to the side of education, it’s only helping yourself. Peace:thumbsup:

Agreed. This is the case with many Catholics. I haven’t met one Catholic who was well educated of their faith that would reject it. It seems to solidify their belief. The Catholics who doubt the faith seem to be the one’s who where Cradle Catholics like me who have had poor catechesis and take the faith for granted

OK, thank you. Here is just one small problem. Some of you (if you have been reading what I post) may know that I am unable to understand what I read except for The Bible. Why nobody seem to know, not even doctors. I can read page after page and I simply don’t get it. It is only words after words that does not make any sense to me. It has been like that since school. I have a CCC and if the passage is short enough and in “normal” words, Finnish can be a tricky language and I speak, write and read only English, Swedish, German and of course Finnish, Swedish is my native language, but I for some reason can learn a new language in a few weeks if I want just by listening to it. Problem though is that when I write, I write as I would speak. I sometimes check things from a English or German CCC because it make more sense to me, but not enough. I am able to read what you post, actually no problems if the answer or post, is short enough. I do sometimes miss a point but I try to double-check all before I post. (I am learning a lot on this forum, that is why I love it.) Why I have no problem with The Bible I don’t understand. I can also read fiction but I don’t like it, you can’t learn anything from fiction. I was bullied in school from the first day to the last (1967-1976) and that may be a factor. I have a better memory then “normal” people and I learn a new song (I love music, especially German Shlager) in a hour or so, but enough of my problems. (Are you still awake?) So, if I am “stupid” Heaven is not my next address? I think God understand that there are a lot of people who can’t read or write. Even in Finland, BTW, I recall faintly from TV that one percent don’t can read or write properly in Finland, most of them are refugees though. I may be hell bound but not because my problems with learning things from books. Or am I?

I did not know that it is mandatory to keep on learning all your life if you are Catholic. Nobody ever told me that, so I am bit surprised. I mean, the priests must have been able to see that what I know come from The Bible and TV? They never did ask me if I know anything about some Saint, so, what do I do next? Should I confess this? All I have is my Bible, in fact, many of them, a very old Swedish one, which is interesting, it is approved by the King of Sweden, kind of funny if you think about it. A Finnish Bible “for idiot’s”, it is the first I did buy, and one New Testament and one fairly recent one, my favorite because it have a pretty simple language, and the online Bibles I can find on the net, but apart from that and a few books I don’t really understand, I have nothing. I can’t even look up anything in a phone book. I did learn about Mass order by watching Mass, first on TV and then in the Church. So am I lost? I always thought it is enough to try to not sin and do what Christ did tell us to do, but is it? I am a bit confused now. I have no problem with what The RCC teach, that must be right, but am I still lost?

You are not required to all about the various saints. What we should learn about are the Church teachings.
I would recommend some of the DVD or CD programs which go through the Catechism of the Catholic Church. They go through the entire Catechism and explain what all the teachings mean. If there is something talked about that you still don’t understand then ask your priest to help you.

Thank you very much. I will try to find some DVD’s or CD’s, and I usually ask the priests pretty often, and I have found out that something I thought was a sin is not a sin, to my surprise.

Here are some possibilities for you:


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