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My darling, beautiful, happy baby boy went to Ash Wednesday service with my mother-in-law, her mother-in-law, and me. I thought you might be interested in the picture I took of him right after Mass:



Cute little guy


Very cute, but I am disturbed that you refer to yourself as “mommy” to some animals. It’s none of my business, really, but I find it disturbing even though it is kind of fashionable these days to humanize our pets and we do it as an expression of affection. It can be confusing for your son as he grows through toddlerhood, you know.


I don’t refer to myself as “mommy” when speaking to or about our pets. I’m using it here to include them because, humanized or not, pets are often very important parts of families.

But thank you for your input.


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Cute little guy


Thanks. Usually he smiles when I pick up a camera, but he was tired. :)


Thank you, that makes me feel better. :o I’ve seen some people get so weeeeird about their animals. Your son is a real cutie-pie. You are truly blessed! :slight_smile:


oooooh, what a cute, wee boy! bless him.


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Thank you, that makes me feel better. :o I've seen some people get so weeeeird about their animals. Your son is a real cutie-pie. You are truly blessed! :)


Trust me. I value human life over that of animals. But I also value animals as companions.

Thanks for the compliment of my son. We love him to pieces!


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oooooh, what a cute, wee boy! bless him.


Thanks so much!


I saw that picture on another thread. I didn't realize he had ashes. I thought he ha a cute little hair-do.:ouch:


We went at noon, so I texted the picture to Hubby at work. He didn’t notice the ashes at first, either.

I will say that I’m glad Father didn’t put too much on Bean. Some people ended up with ashes in their eyes, all over their faces, and on their clothes by some of the people distributing the ashes.


He is so sweet looking! I miss my little babies, now that my oldest is 22 and my youngest is almost 5! So good of you to bring him to Mass and to start him off right! Our priests are more ‘stingy’ with the ashes usually, but I remember one time in a distant parish having so much ash on me that my nose was covered! I risked doing wrong by wiping off my nose because I just looked foolish instead of Catholic. Enjoy your little darling! And thanks for sharing the joy! oh, and 2 of my 6 were August babies too – 16yo Catherine was August 5, and 7yo Julia was August 10 – hot last 3 months of pregnancy!


Hubby’s grandma, who went with us, said that usually the priests where she goes are usually pretty stingy, too.


Awwwwwww... Adorable!



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