Just started RCIA, uploaded my first Catholic apologetics video yesterday!

My first video: “Some questions for Protestants from a Soon-to-be Catholic”

here’s the link: youtu.be/W6oRFYz_yjQ

Any feedback you might have on the video would be appreciated, videomaking is very new to me.

I’m having trouble getting Protestants to actually respond to the video, so would especially be grateful if you were able to share it with Protestants you know.



Sorry there is no link.

The forum isn’t letting me post hyperlinks, so I had to post it without the https://

I just bolded it so it’s more visible in my original post.

Sorry, I must be challenged, it doesn’t come up when I enter that.



Thank you for posting it!

Either you have more forum permissions than me or I couldn’t figure it out :stuck_out_tongue:

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Really great video. It’s great to see new converts make such strong and convincing arguments for the Faith.

That wouldn’t be too hard to do, but sometimes there can be people who troll Catholic videos and just comment hatred for the Church while ignoring the video altogether, especially popular ones.

Thank you, that’s encouraging to hear. :slight_smile:

Hah, I don’t mind trolls/haters too much, I know that comes with the territory.

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Good video, I subscribed to your channel


Good, solid introductory Catholic apologetics. I commented on YouTube and subscribed. I happen to be a Revert apologist myself, founder and president of Northeast Kansas Catholic Apologists (NEKCA) which right now consists of me and a desk in my basement :sunglasses:


Welcome to CAF. :+1:RCIA journey.

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