Just swore..do I need to go to confession?

I got a little heated while talking to my wife earlier and said “damn”. Is this something I should confess, or am I being scrupulous? Thank you in advance.

Well, that doesn’t sound like it makes the requirements for a mortal sin. Saying “damn” is not serious matter. And it sounds like you were lacking sufficient reflection. The more important question is, did you hurt your wife, and if so, did you do it intentionally?

Thank you for your response. No I didn’t hurt her, I honestly don’t think she even noticed. It was one of those things where I was stressed out at the moment and it just kind of came out…I never use foul language, so when I heard it come out I was really shocked. I just felt bad that I said it. Thanks again for the response.

Well, if that’s the worst thing you’ve done recently, you’re a far better man than I!

I once asked my priest about occasional swearing. He said we all do it from time to time, and not to worry too much about it - on the assumption that we’re not deliberately hurting anyone. I have, in fact sworn once or twice in front of him - and was highly embarrassed about it, as the words slipped out before I had the chance to catch myself and on one occasion it was in conversation about an awful injustice that he’d suffered and it was a way of expressing just how offended I was on his behalf (which was the occasion I asked him if it was a problem).

Don’t worry about it. It’s certainly not a mortal sin. You’re just a bit disappointed in your own internal failure to live up to your own standards. As I say, you’re clearly a better person than me in this respect! :slight_smile:

As others have said, it’s more a bad habit than a mortal sin, unless your swearing also includes taking any of the Lord’s names in vain. Slipping and saying “damn it” is one thing. Adding a name or title of God to that becomes another.

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