Just thinking out loud again


Sometimes I wonder if I would have been happier if I were to have 1.) lived in an area with a strong Orthodox environment, and 2.) been born or converted to Orthodoxy.

But no, through the hand of Providence I am where I need to be

A happy future does not exist where God’s will is not a part.


With all the garbage going on here, litergical abuses, et al, I sometimes have thought about Orthodoxy myself. We have 2 Parishes here. I keep hoping the bish gets a promotion & we get someone that follows Church teachings a little more closely.


…be careful what you wish for, you may just get it… You make sure that you continue to follow church teachings and hopefully those around you will follow your example. Hang in there… Remember, the gates of Hell will not prevail, but no one said the gate of hell wouldn’t try…:thumbsup:


:smiley: Good point


I’m getting tired of defending the Pope, myself. Or, rather, having to answer for him.

“So, do you agree with the Pope that all Christians who aren’t Catholic aren’t saved?”

“Doesn’t the Pope know how condoms work? Doesn’t he know that people are going to have sex?”

“Why did the Pope lift the excommunication on two unrepentant SSPX priests but not some nun who advocates the ordination of women?”

I knew being Catholic was to be countercultural, but this is just getting ridiculous.


i ADMIRE what you do. I lost my drive to do the same. I don’t think those people can be reached. So I stopped trying. Please keep it up. Maybe you’ll reach 1 or 2. That would be good.


Tell the idiots to do some investigation into the issue.

If they’re Protestants, ask them when their denomination stopped condemning contraception (they all were against it until the 1930s).

As to the SSPX - They weren’t unrepentant priests. They are four bishops. In addition to that, they don’t teach anything, as far as I’m aware, that contradicts Church teaching, whereas the womyn prystyss advocates all support something that is infallible teaching

Questions for you:
Why would you have wanted to be born into a schismatic environment?
And why would you want to leave the One True Church for schismatics?


I dunno - I guess for similar reasons that Merton wanted to leave the Cistercians to become a Carthusian. But Merton died a Cistercian and I’ll probably die a Catholic, so no worries.


But Carthusians are within the Church.

As of right now, the Orthodox aren’t.

(I am unaware of Merton’s desire for the Carthusians.)


It’s an analogy. Apples aren’t oranges, but their both fruit.

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