”Just TOSS it!?”


Is it morally wrong to throw away food?

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But I mean like throwing food away because you don’t want to eat it (Ie. You packed a baloney sandwich but don’t feel like eating it for brunch) --or should I say WASTING…

Is it morally wrong to WASTE perfectly good food?

Excuse my blunt language but I just want you and all readers to understand the essence of my question:

Would God reject me at the ”Gates of Heaven” if I threw out a perfectly good baloney sandwich?

Something tells me that because its essence is simply a baloney sandwich, it is OK, as I’m ”destroying” a sandwich as opposed to destroying a person; but then I think of ”nice” politics and the whole idea of how that same sandwich could be used to feed a starving kid in Africa and that I should be thankful for what I’ve got and eat it no matter what, and I get confused…thoughts?!



But there is a practical alternative in this case. One could eat the baloney sammich, and donate the money one might spend on a more palatable lunch for the hungry.



As a father of 6 I throw away tons of food. So do restaraunts and supermarkets. Some of which are managed by Catholics

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The mother or father of this child would no doubt say , “Yes” .



I imagine it is often impractical to get it to those who are hungry before it spoils.

But the OP is talking about tossing a perfectly edible food item because it is not a preferred food, rather than eating it and offering it as a sacrifice. I can say this honestly, as I would rather go without than eat a bologne sammich too.



It depends what state the leftover food is in.

If it’s good when we have leftovers we give it to the security guards at the gate of our village.

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If it’s apples - that have lost it’s crispiness -
I drive down the road and toss them in the woods -
NOT in my backyard -
next thing I know, squirrels, chipmunks, deer, rabbits, woodchucks, groundhog - etc -



There was a time that the amount of kidfood I was throwing away made me feel so guilty I would wait and dump it on a bed of greens and eat it as a weird salad. Then the pendulum swings the other way and I think, they aren’t quite themselves lately, maybe theyre getting sick. TAKE IT OUTSIDE AND BURN IT!



Is this a serious question? Do you honestly think that wasting fifty cents worth of lunch meat is grave enough matter to sever your relationship with God?

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Some people say it’s a throw away society, I say no, we shouldn’t throw away society.

If possible it’s better to cook only what you need I think.



There is no such thing as a perfectly good baloney sandwich. That very concept is baloney.

Now, the results of throwing out a salami sandwich are debatable.



This made me laugh.

Would you reject your most loved and cherished children because they wanted pasta for lunch rather than a sandwich?



A bologna sandwich will keep in the fridge for a few days, eat it another day.

Put the bologna sandwich in your car and give it to the next person you see holding a sign asking for help,

I’d not throw away perfectly good food



I don’t know if it is, but I usually feel guilty when I throw away food that isn’t rotten.



There is a great deal of food that can go to waste from a grocery store, but if it cannot be gotten to the table of a hungry person before it goes bad, it needs to be destroyed. Food gone bad can make a person seriously ill.

Kroger, a major grocery chain has said they are going to make new efforts this year to reduce food waste. Kudos to them. I knew of a restaurant in my city downtown, that would put food out regularly for homeless people that knew it was coming. If you have a can of food you won’t use that might expire in a month or two, you might get it to a shelter. These are the type of efforts that could be made.

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OK, but if the ”practical alternatives” are all subjective, then are there really any at all? (ie. I may have a different solution than you do…)

And then would that really be the answer to this question?



I agree.

But how about if the sandwich was made for you by your mom, or say Grandma?



As another posted, one should try to fix only what is necessary to begin with, but knowing this can be very difficult to do and supposing there’s no way to preserve the food for another meal (and, despite the meme, there’s no way to ship it to a third world country):

If you eat food that not necessary for your body’s health and you aren’t hungry for it, you are being gluttonous and wasteful, rather than just wasteful. Toss it.

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