”Just TOSS it!?”


VERY good example!! Thank-you SO much, Latetotheparty!!!



Are you saying the decision to eat food that is not one’s favorite food so as to avoid waste is “subjective”?

I suppose one might feel more guilt about tossing it…

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You could put it into compost if it’s gone off which can then grow flowers for someone or more vegetables. If it’s decent food maybe give it to a food bank



And would that guilt I would feel be indicative of a moral wrong?



I think we have a moral obligation to feed the hungry, and not to waste food.

I don’t think we have a moral obligation to eat a sandwich just because we respect and love the person who made it, especially if they are not present at the time so as to get their feelings hurt.

It is much more difficult to pass on food that is already prepared. I have given sandwiches to people standing on street corners, but even they can be picky at times!

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Ah thank you for the AMAZING answer!!


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