just tossing up an idea....


that if someone posts the same thing in a thread say 3 times without responding to other posters’ points reasonably conscientiously, that thread should automatically be locked?
It gets tad frustrating that certain posters keep on just repeating their point ad nauseum regardles of what comments are made.
What does everyone else think?


That’s up to the mods, not up to us actually. :smiley:



yes I know that, I’m not trying to take over (yet):wink: - I think Rachel does a great job:)
just wondering what other people think of this idea - I just think it would discourage a certain sort of thread, that’s all


As long as discussions are fruitful they will be left open. Making a rule as you are describing, would give posters an enormous amount of power in determining which threads THEY want open. If you don’t like it, just post the same ole’ thing three times.

I understand your comment though, and watch carefully for that in threads. Though I hesitate to close a thread immediately as there are people who visit once in a while who would offer a lot to the thread.

Chances are, people become uninterested in debating with someone who sounds like a broken record and they leave the discussion. When that happens the thread ends up filing itself away, anyone can still respond to it if they wish, (if they can find it) and I didnt’ have to get involved. (YAY!)



very true :slight_smile: TY for your comments Rachel :thumbsup:
stop feeding some of the more troll-like posters basically

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I know I kept going back to a thread even after it was evident no discussion was going to take place. Sometimes you can’t help yourself and just want to see how bad it has become. :rolleyes: Guess we should all learn to just walk away, huh?


there are some posters…I just ignore entirely, because what you describe is their MO. they only seem to want to throw a wrench into purposeful discussions. Some even lie, misquote, and misrepresent other posters just to make their non-point.

they feed on confrontation…so the above poster is correct…don’t feed them, ignore them and starve them out. I think there is even an “ignore” feature here, so you can literally not see their posts. Makes CAF a more pleasant place to be.



I feel like I should know this, but what exactly is a troll?


Remember the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff?

The troll was the character who was lurking under the bridge, to make a senseless attack on anyone who came over the bridge.

On the Internet, a “troll” is someone who posts inflammatory material over and over and over and over and over and over and over again, without intending either to defend his position or to learn anything from those who respond.


What about those people who post and respond but don’t answer questions, make unstubstantiated statements, slander other poster’s intelligence, constantly go off topic.

I am hear to learn and I know that I still have much to digest, but I don’t understand those who don’t want a two way street. This “I’m-right-you’re-wrong-so-just-shut-up-about-it” attitude makes me crazy. :banghead:


I love this graphic! Can we use this on the forums?


I’m sorry, it just ticks me off that we allow the same posters to come and cut and paste so that this forum becomes a transplanted Muslim apologism site. I don’t come to a Catholic site for this:mad:



By using the graphic in a thread where a troll is running rampant, aren’t you really just “feeding the troll”?

I’d say if you see a trollish thread- you are better off shaking your head and finding another bridge to cross.



Then spend your time on the Catholic specific areas of the site, not the non-Catholic religions area.



…or don’t come at all?
A small point, do you think that Catholics that come from areas of Muslim aggression eg Malaysia like to see the same attitude allowed here?


Do not put words in my mouth.

I was very clear in my comment. If you find a particular area of the CAF forums troubling or frustrating, you are welcome to avoid that area in favor of others.

There are a number of very passionate and well educated individuals here who avoid certain areas of the forum for this very reason. The conversations develop and raise much anger and angst in those people, that they have choosen not to participate in them to mitigate the internal conflict and avoid unchristian thoughts and behaviors.

And they are VERY active and happy in other areas of the forums.


Feed them peeps!!!


That troll’s toenails are gonna give me nightmares.

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