Just waiting for another more obvious sign

Last month I heard a female voice asking me to give up all things in this secular life, then I met and talked with a priest, he said vocation is Not a physical voice, but about a mind of sacrificing ourselves for serving God, since our mind is also from God. The priest gave me some suggestions including pray more, go and visit the Convents, to understand the life of Religious Sisters in different convents and to talk with the Presidents in Convents.

However, from then until now, either because I don’t have ways for finding convents information or because I wanted to make sure that is God asking me to walk this path, I am not doing anything except pray more and waiting for another more “obvious sign” from God.

If there is no more obvious sign from God, I may assume that was my illusion only and not God calling me. Is what I am doing now correct?

Or should I meet with another Priest?

Please comment. Thanks. :o

There are many ways one can be called to religious life. More often than not, it’s usually through a mental “tug”, culminating with the decision to act in the affirmative or not by the individual. One of my fellow seminarians described his call as “an unquenchable fire within your heart”. While I admit I am also a little skeptical, I have heard of others who have heard distinctive voices leading them into the Lord’s service.

I think your priest is right to guide you to further prayer and exploration with convents, for a few reasons. Firstly (and most importantly), you haven’t mentioned a particular path that you’ve been set on. As you explore (if you so chose to), you will find that each order has its own way of life, some emphasizing corporeal works, other spiritual. Secondly, as you pray on your vocation, you’ll find that either it will go away, or it won’t. If it does, you have your answer. If not, you begin a new journey to further discern.

In my experience, and talking with fellow seminarians and discerners, God does not often work in the obvious. :rolleyes:

How did they hear the distinctive voices? How and what did they hear? :o For me, it happened very suddenly as I never thought of it before… I even fear it was my mental problem to hear a voice… :confused:

Also… do you mean that if I pray more on my vocation, if the vocation is not Religious Life, the idea in my mind will go away? or just shifting to another mind such as marriage, single life… I am just feeling more confused recently even pray on my vocation…

And if my vocation is on Religious Life, the feeling of calling / wanting will become more and more stronger?

Most of the time I am feeling confused…

I would suggest you talk to a non religious counsellor ,

Since you have access to the internet, you do have ways to find out information about convents and religious life.

I encourage you to follow the suggestion from your priest and go on some “discernment weekend” visits to various convents. Many convents have their discernment weekend visits during the summertime in the U.S.

Why? you think I have mental problem or illusion?.. :shrug:

The advice your priest gave you sounds like something you should consider. It is a well rounded way to pursue a possible vocation and since he has already been through what you are considering he has his own experience to share with you. If I were in your position of questioning my next step I would consider visiting some convents if that was possible. There is a reality to the life you are considering and this would be the very best way to to see it for yourself. I will pray for you to be lead to God’s plan for your life.

I just said I was skeptical is all. You seem coherent enough, I wouldn’t worry about sanity at this point. :thumbsup:

That’s the generally accepted idea.

Welcome to discernment.:compcoff:

You already talked to a priest and he gave you advice on what to do moving forward. My advice would be to listen to the advice you have already been given.

Visiting convents and talking to religious sisters is part of the discernment process. It is in doing those things that you will start to recognize whether you are being confirmed in that vocation or whether you are being pulled in another direction.

Discernment is not about locking ourselves in our rooms in prayer until God unmistakably whacks us over the head with a detailed game plan for the rest of our lives that we can confidently follow and never deviate from. You also have to go out and gather information and/or experience.

So do what the priest suggested.

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