Just want to say Thank You


Dear friends,

I’m writing to thank the Catholics for my early spiritual,education. When I was young I loved Jesus and used to always go to church and because of all the beautiful things you wonderful people taught me I never went astray.

I never took drugs thanks to the early catholic upbringing I had nor did I get involved in violence or crime again thanks to my early life being taught to love Jesus.

I haven’t gambled or had one drink of alcohol in 40 years and my health and mind are clearer and function better due to it because I was taught these things are no good so always had an ingrained fear of them.

I have discovered wonderful spiritual truths but one that is forever ingrained upon my heart, soul, mind and spirit is the love for Jesus and His Teachings and the Bible which you instilled into my soul making it alive and throbbing.

You have wonderful teachings that kept me and my life from going bad and that is because at a young age you people cared for my soul.

Words do not and cannot ever express my gratitude but for those you raised to be good God will reward you in His own way I’m sure.


What a wonderful, uplifting post. I am certainly glad to hear that your experience with the Catholic Church was so positive and brought you closer to Jesus. May you be abundantly blessed.



Thanks Mary. At a young age I was taught well and those who sacrificed their time and effort are likely not with us but their hard work saved a soul from the abyss.

Today many parents don’t realise the true value of a religious upbringing when young. Society is so messed up because kids are not given a spiritual education. Just school education doesn’t prepare life for the tests and difficulties ahead.

Still today the Catholic Church tries to stand alone in the face of calls for more promiscuity, more moral,laxity and more freedom to do anything one wants but by standing strong it acts as a beacon shining in a dark time.

Not all freedoms are good. I was one of the lucky ones who had good and loving teachers who instilled into me love for Jesus. God bless you all.


Thanks for the post.


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