Just want to share my little miracles!


I had the most unbelievable day today, thanks to the Infant Jesus of Prague!!!

Our family has been in a bit of financial, professional and decision-making turmoil… DH has been laid off for weeks, we were slowly draining all of our financial resources to meet our needs and we were at a crossroads where we needed to decide where to send our 4-y.o. to preschool next year.

We really wanted to send her to a Catholic school and we just didn’t know how we were going to swing it when DH is working, much less when he’s laid off! Also, some of the employees have been laid off permanently, so we were really starting to worry about his own job security.

Well, last night, I went online to find a patron Saint of vocations… we wanted intercession to help DH figure out what we needed to do about his job situation. So, I found the Infant Jesus of Prague (who I had heard of before, but really didn’t know much about.)

Turns out, our beloved baby Jesus is the patron of vocations, finances and schools (among other things) and it fit our needs perfectly!!:heart:

I printed out the novena to the Infant Jesus and another devotion to Him and began praying right away last night.

Well, today, our prayers were answered!! I never expected to receive such a blessing so quickly!!!

All in one day, we received our tax returns (earlier than expected), received some other funds that we knew we were getting but were experiencing some stumbling blocks in actually receiving them, AND DH got a promotion at work!!! :eek: I kid you not!

All in one day, we went from not knowing how we were going to pay the phone, utility and other bills and not knowing if DH was going to have a job in 2 months to receiving quite a chunk of change and a promotion for DH!!! Which now means we can send our DD to Catholic preschool this year! Praise Jesus!!

I know this is all because of our Infant Jesus and I just can’t help share my excitement. God is so good!!!

I will continue praying my novena, but I think since we received such a blessing already, I will add all of your financial and vocational intentions into my prayers. I hope Jesus won’t mind. :slight_smile:



I just love hearing stories like this! Thanks, SBH. :thumbsup:

Too cool.


Thanks for sharing this with us.May our Heavenly Father continue to bless you.:slight_smile:


THAT is awesome!!! Praise the Infant Jesus! He is always looking after us so well, isn’t He?

I am so happy to hear of your good news. :slight_smile:


It’s always good to hear a miracle!!! Thank you Infant of Prague.


Isn’t God great?! And people say they don’t believe in miracles. :rolleyes:


Praise Jesus!:stuck_out_tongue:


How wonderful! God is good! :extrahappy:


The Infant Jesus is so good and kind!


How fantastic, SBH! :slight_smile:


My husband and I pray this novena often and have never been disappointed. Praise be to God!

God Bless,



I LOVE these stories. Thanks for sharing.


Praise to Him!!!


That is wonderful! And - thank you for thinking of us too! :slight_smile: Juliette


I love hearing stories like these…really raises my spirits for the day! :slight_smile:

Congratulations for all your miracles! I’ve heard the Infant Jesus devotion is quite a powerful one. :thumbsup:


I too want to shout from the mountain tops this morning. My family has been going through hard financial times and we had received a letter from the IRS and were being sued for 40,000.00. This would devestate us financially. I prayed the novena to The Infant Baby Jesus of Praugue yesterday and before I could finish my last prayer on the 9th hour ( You pray this Novena every hour for 9 hours) my husband called and said that he just received a call from the IRS and the debt has been forgiven and we do not owe one penny. I almost dropped to my knees. I rushed right over to our church but it was closed. I knelt down in front of the Statue Mother Mary and as i did my alarm on my phone went off to finish my last prayer. I know without a doubt that this novena works.I truely believe that if you believe and ask God for help He will be there for us. I have had other miracles happen to me and my family by praying a special Novena when you have done all you can and need help from Heaven. Another powerful Novena is the 64 day Rosary Novena. If you need help get on your knees and ask Jesus, He will come to your rescue. I finally feel like my family can breathe again without this horrible black cloud over us. Praise Be God, Jesus and Mother Mary for helping me........... All the Glory to Heaven!!!!!!!!!!!


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