Just wanted to let my CAF friends know what happened


We’re on vacation and were in CVS. My dd and I were looking at sunglasses and a lady walked in and pushed my 2 1/2 year old (she hit the sunglass display and landed on the floor with cuts on her face). I picked up my dd and said to the lady “excuse me”. She didn’t look, so I repeated myself and added “you pushed my daughter” She said “It was in my way” She didn’t acknowledge that my dd is a person. There were some heated words and she still insisted on calling my dd “it”. On the way out (after the manager asked her to leave) she said “if I had a mallot I would have hit her in the head”. :mad: :mad: :mad: Afterward the manager at CVS appologized and helped us clean up our daughter. Even though the lady left and we don’t know her name, we went to the police department and filed a report. I just wanted to let you all know about the lady with “issues” who hurt my dd intentionally.


:eek: omg, that is horrible…I’m sorry you went through that. :frowning:


Ooooh, I’d be fuming!! Are there laws against restraining people until the cops show up? :smiley: Probably so, huh? Does CVS have security cameras in the parking lot? Maybe they can get a license plate number. I’d prosecute!! :mad: (And I am not a litigious person.)


oops. Fat fingers…
How horrible! I’m afraid I’d be in jail for my response…

Did she have several diamond rings on her fingers? And dark brown hair? This woman was on a flight siting in front of my kids and was extremely rude… I’m hoping it’s her. I hope there is only one like this in the world


can you say P-S-Y-C-H-O?! So sorry you and your daughter were subjected to that!


Hope your little girl is okay. The woman you encountered sounds like she has some sort of mental illness, so sad, we should remember these tortured people in our prayers.


I’m sorry. Is your daughter ok?:frowning:


She may be in the throes of some sort of dementia, or have a brain tumor or something. Little old ladies don’t normally act that way. I hope your little dd is okay.


Sounds like they need to find her and lock her up for a while to regulate her psych meds. Definitely imbalanced.


Why do you guys just assume she’s mentally ill? There are many, many nasty people out their that HATE kids…so much so that they have enough anger in them to take it out on them when they happen to be in their path.

That’s not mental illness. That’s a choice to be hateful.

OP, I am so sorry you and your baby went through this. I agree with the poster that you should pressure CVS to look at their security cameras. She needs to be prosecuted. :mad:


Oh GMarie,
I am so sorry!!! That is terrible!!! How is you dd? Gosh I hope the CVS does have cameras and helps you out. I don’t frankly care if the person is mentally ill or just mean, she is a danger to others and that is what counts.


OMGOSH I’m so sorry… that’s horrible.
How’s your daughter doing?.. poor baby!


I agree. My dh works with severly mentally ill people. None of his clients would attack a child like that. It takes someone truely evil to hurt a child.

gmarie, I’m so sorry. Is your babe ok? God bless you for your restraint. If that evil being had touched my kid, she’d have been on the floor so fast… Well, let’s just say I’d be in jail, and that wouldn’t be good for my child.

I can’t believe some people. I hope the police catch her.



I was going to say the same thing. I have worked with mentally ill and mentally/physically handicapped people for most of my working career. I was even a supervisor for awhile. None of the people I worked with would ever hurt a child. They would be the tar out of me at times, but never harm a kid.
They don’t go in the public when they are working through med issues or having bad days.

Now if the people can’t be in the public EVER then they are transitioned into an actual facility.

OP- I’m so sorry that lady was so vicious to you daughter. I would have probably decked her and gone to jail.:o


If it was me or my husband or if one of us had even seen, punches would have been thrown. There’s a word for women like that…


Well, my dd is okay, she has a big cut on her face from it (but we’ve been taking care of it and the manager at the CVS was extremely helpful). The police said that they’d ask CVS employees to keep their eye out for this woman again to try to get a name, so we’ll see.

Another poster stated that she/he thought the woman was older, she wasn’t. She was about 34 or so. I think the only reason I held myself back from hitting this woman was b/c I was more worried about my dd than this ignorant (probably pro-abortion the way she was talking about my dd and children in general, but that’s my assumption) woman. My dd did notice how the woman didn’t say she was “sorry” and my dd kept asking why the woman didn’t say she was “sorry”. It definitely was a teaching opportunity about forgiveness and also that there are people who do bad things to children in this world.

Thank you all for your concern. I guess I just was so shocked by it all and couldn’t believe someone would do such a thing (especially a woman who’s attire would lead one to believe she was well put together).


That is terrible!! I can’t believe people can behave this way! How would someone like her feel if someone pushed her over and didn’t care?
That must have left a very bad feeling for you. Your poor little girl. Just tell her there are many many people that love children and would never hurt them in this way.


How would someone like her feel if someone pushed her over and didn’t care?

If I had been there, she’d know how it was! Can you tell I don’t handle situations like that very well?:rolleyes:


Pray for this woman, she sounds post-abortive to me.


You read my mind! That’s just what I was thinking when I read this horrible story.

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