Just wanted to share how God has blessed me today


I just found out I’m getting a bonus with my paycheck this Friday and first thing this morning I received free tickets to a show I was thinking of paying to see. The bonus will be a big help with those surprise bills that seem to want to crop up from time to time and it will give me a better chance to catch up. I’ve been struggling financially for a while due to those surprises which seemed to come in legions this year. I was feeling really down this morning and not sure of some of the decisions I’ve made recently were Gods will for me but this kind of makes me feel a little reassured. I going in the right direction.


That’s wonderful!

God is good…all the Time!


Praise God! :extrahappy: What great news! From time to time, God sends us a little “candy” to encourage us and cheer us up!



There are some days when I just want to tell someone, guess what happened to ME!


Congratulations! God is great! :slight_smile:


God has continued to Bless me this week. I found out today that I got a raise and an extra bonus I wasn’t expecting as well as back pay. :smiley:

Praise his name.


Praise be to God–He always provides.:thumbsup: I’m happy for you!


thank you for sharing. It is so cool to see God at work in other people


Thanks be to God!


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