Just wanted to share


Ok call me nosey but I just wanted to share something sweet even brought tears to my eyes! :smiley: Hopeless romantic!!

Young couple, (male is a coworker of mine) For a while now I have been hearing him directing towards his partner as his fiance, not infront of her because I haven’t met her yet but to everyone around at work esp when talking about how his vacation was he would say “oh my fiance and I had a great time!” etc etc etc! Now I don’t know their religion or not but I know they aren’t living together… He mentions it a few times during his updates to most of us…lol…

Here’s the cute thing, they aren’t engaged! I say cute because he’s saying they are when they really are not! He hasn’t had the funds yet to get the perfect ring for her, a huge giant rock btw, and he tells everyone he’s engaged, he loves her so much he can’t wait and if it was up to him he would have been but the funds for her ring were not there! :smiley: I think it’s so romantic! He’s been showing everyone the rock he wants to get her and it’s like 5cts or something like that I was like WOW! How great is that…What a great hard working man there to take care of his woman and please her!! :slight_smile: AWWW!!! I believe that he said this winter for Christmas was the big announcement but to his coworkers she’s all ready his fiance and in his heart she is too! :slight_smile:

Young love!!


You know what they say: Go Big or Go Home! What a lucky gal! I have my dream engagement ring all picked out. :smiley:


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