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…My little bit of excitement with those of you in Eastern Catholicism. I recently went to both a Melkite and Ruthenian Catholic parishes. I. LOVED. IT. When I move to Florida, I am thinking of making the Byzantine parish in Orlando my home. I’ve been trying to read up a lot on the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostome so that I am able to better respond. Can someone give me a short hisroty of it? Or tell me more about the Melkites and Ruthenians? Would be awesome!

Do the sacraments work the same as they do in the Latin Church?

The sacraments differ slightly but they are **equally ** valid.


Awesome, thanks.

Do the Byzantines have something like the Roman Missal for the DL?
Or a book with Byzantine prayers and things like that?

Check these out:

That ought to keep you out of trouble for a while :D!

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The Melkites publish a very nice prayer book: melkite.org/products-page/prayer-books

You can find the pew book for the Ruthenian Divine Liturgy, as well as recordings and a multitude of other resources here: metropolitancantorinstitute.org/

I’m Latin Catholic, but I attend both Latin and Oriental Churches. I am so happy that my son can receive Eucharist at the Liturgy and my faith has greatly benefited from the different ways of understanding theology.

I am glad the theology has helped you. Does you son not receive in the Latin Church?

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