Just watched "The Da Vinci Code" last night

One of the worst movies I have ever seen.

Was there anything in it that was remotely truthful or in agreeance with Church history?

For a spell binding fictional tale I thought both were entertaining books and movies.

I liked the book much better than the movie…it was a fast read…quick paced and extremly entertaining…the movie…dragged and didn’t keep up with the fast paced easy to follow story line as the book did. I enjoyed the “Angels and Demons” move much better…“The Solomon Key” was good too…for a quick easy read to let one’s imagination run wild in a flight of fancy.

Not much in the book. Never saw the movie. I found the book quite boring and mediocre myself, not all that prosaic, and kind of predictable — if I have my books straight, at one point he tries for a number of pages to create suspense while the heroes try to figure out what’s a 5-letter word related to Isaac Newton that refers to an “orb.” I don’t know about anyone else, but I got it right away and there was no surprise and it just dragged on instead. O_o

In the book his so-called historians don’t even have university recognized degrees.

Leonardo was an artist. Rome is in Italy.

Speaking as a retired professor of ancient history, there was barely a truthful word in the entire book. I suspect Dan Brown wrote it while sitting on a beach over a weekend. It is not based on “research”, as he falsely claims in the forward.

Leonardo was an artist. Rome is in Italy.

I stand corrected; Katy has correctly identified two truthful statements in the book.

From a literary standpoint, the book was poorly written. So heavy on foreshadowing that it was easy to tell what was coming next. I found out after reading it that the bishop had said it was sinful, so I went to confession and confessed it. The priest said that wading through it was probably penance enough!

There’s some movies I will not waste 2 hours of my life watching.

Avatar is one, The Da-Vinci code is another.

I have more on the list!

As someone who will have a BA in history/government at the end of this year, I have never met - nor have I even heard of - any serious scholar who thinks Dan Brown’s works are anything more than light entertainment. Most of them actually think less of them than that.

Calling Brown’s novels “historically accurate” is like noting that the lift in Dr No’s secret headquarters is an Waygood Otis and concluding that James Bond is non-fiction.

Book was boring and story was downright ridiculous. Movie was even worse:rolleyes:

A wise confessor!!

That is way too funny! :bowdown2:

To quote my sainted Polish Grandmother:“FECH”!
Be carefull…If you read or watch such drivel more than once, your brain will turn to mush!!! And the devil will grab you by the behind.

But Tom Hanks had such a cool haircut, how could you not like the movie. :stuck_out_tongue:

I forced myself to read the book for apologetics purpose–just so I could say I actually read it when discussing it. It was the most boring and inane book I’ve ever read. I wish I could get those few hours of my life back.

I didn’t read the book.

I found out that it didn’t come with an offer to buy a Secret Papal Decoder Ring, and so I said the heck with it. :slight_smile:

What did you specialize in, Professor?

We can safely say it is not the fictional discipline of “Symbology”.

A decent education - or even a couple of minutes on Google - would have told Brown that academics who investigate symbols and their meaning are studying “Semiotics”.

Just sayin’.


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