Just what is "common sense gun control?" How about a few examples?


national rates provides an incomplete picture. it is better to localize your numbers to see how safe you really are.

for example: (2017 dates are the latest i found)
edmonton thru sept 23 had 4.28 homicides per 100,000 people.
phoenix thru sept 1 had 3.7 homicides per 100,000 people.
winnipeg thru sept 23 had 2.97 homicides per 100,000 people.


Well then may as well localise gun rights too - Chicago and Edmonton can arm themselves to the teeth, Podunk or Winnipeg can’t.


the key word here is effective.
none of the laws on the books are effective. none have stopped the killings.
what is this effective common sense gun law that will work.


The national rates do give the most complete picture. Your cherry-picked cities are obviously incomplete


How do you expect anyone to know how something will work until it is tried? And if you say we already have tried gun regulation, I say we have not tried very hard.


not at all.


I fail to see the significance of this graphic.


simple it shows the fallacy of the national murder rate.

does the 5+ per 100k rate mean anything to almost a third of the country?

do we have a national problem or a regional one? i would like to see a further breakdown for the cities in a state, neighborhoods in the city, etc. then look at all of the issues facing the citizens. you know get down to the root cause; so a common sense solution can really be achieved. not just window dressing for the voters.


What you call a third of the country is a third in terms of area. That area probably contains 1/100 the of the country’s people. We are concerned with how many people are murdered - not how many square kilometers (Canada, after all) that they occupy. So the graphic is totally misleading. My national figures tell the relevant facts.


not to the 2 states unde 2.0 or the 13 others under 3.0 or the 6 more under 4.0

look at the entire map.

new england almost 15 million with a 2.0 per 100k
minnesota over 5 million with a 1.8 per 100k

almost 20 million @ 2.0 per 100k

what does canada have 36+ million


And the point is…?


ALL the gun control measures that are being talked about today in the US (and a whole lot more), have long been in place in California and they don’t do a darned thing at reducing gun-related violence.


I disagree with the premise that they have already tried everything in California.


Don’t try to spin what I actually wrote:

If you believe there are any more, please name them…


That’s the problem.


One thing that has been talked about is repealing the 2nd amendment. They have not tried that in California.


was he? was peter being attacked? was Jesus being attacked?

the authorities were arresting Jesus. Jesus didn’t resist.

where is the self-defense?

peter would have been guilty of a crime and been jailed. it wouldn’t have gone well for the new church to lose its next boss


I don’t think that’s actually being talked about because it’s the political third rail. It’s sure death to any politician.

In any event, it will never happen. Absolutely no way. There is also no way that the Second Amendment will ever be amended to make semi-automatic firearms illegal. It’s just not going to happen, period.

But let’s discuss this specific fantasy for a momenta anyway. If the Second Amendment was indeed repealed, do you honestly think that most would give up their firearms to confiscation – particularly the criminals? Well do you? How about the ability to make more guns in small shops and garages? How will that impact confiscation?

OK, name something else that has not been tried in California that’s actually being talked about right now for the US as a whole?


Explain to me once more why I need to limit my suggestions to things that are already being talked about?


Hi Vonsalza,

what or who is a class 3 gun holder?


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