Just what is "common sense gun control?" How about a few examples?


Hitler truly had popular support of the people. His takeover would have happened with or without gun registration by the previous government. You can fantasize about a popular resistance to Hitler, but the fact is there was not much resistance. If that resistance had guns, their actions at forcibly opposing the popular government would have gotten them all labelled as what we would today call “terrorists.” The majority of the population would have turned against them for disrupting German life. In short, gun registration by the previous government was not a factor.


Were this true, the Allies would not have sent weapons to the resistance in German occupied territory.

Your weak understanding of history explains much of you position on weapons.


Here’s my take.

I should be able to have any weapon and ammo that a police officer can bring to my house in order to take down a person holed up in my house who just murdered me and my family.

Obviously, there are some criteria in place for what cops can carry…then, I am simply arguing that a home owner should be able to have and use the same weapons considering that it takes a cop 15 minutes to get to my house, and I need to deal with the fellow in the interim.

So my “test” is based on what cops justify.

As the level of threat rises, cops can compensate, and so should I.

Nice and tight.


Your conclusion does not follow from your premise. Regardless of how strong or weak the resistance was, the Allies would want to arm them. The resistance, even with outside help, could not have brought down Hitler unless the outside world was also at war with Germany. They could not do it on their own for the simple reason that the vast majority of the populous supported Hitler.

Edit: I see that you qualified your claim by " in the occupied territories". This does not say anything about disarming citizens of Germany proper, which is what I thought we were addressing


If you undergo the same training and background checks that a cop does, then sure.


Glad you agree.

So you agree with concealed/carry. Course required/background checks done.

Thank you for supporting concealed/carry.



per capita means nothing in reality

you argue we have enough guns but the majority of households don’t own any (per polls which i believe are wrong)

my neighbor has ten and i have none. his ten and your per capita limit should stop me from buying what i have a right to?


Proper data analysis is appropriate. Per capita oftentimes ignores the household penetration market share. There are a small group of gun owners that have large collections for various reasons…collection enthusiasts, target shooting variety, hunting diversity. The real number to track meaningfully is the one about household penetration. I think that in the U.S. 26 to 30% of households have handguns…may be old datapoint. Nevertheless, the world of law abiding hunting and target shooting enthusiasts is entirely different than the underground world of criminal activity. Laws effectively manage group number one today, but not group number two.


Hitler was able to readily confiscate weapons from all but party members BECAUSE he had the registry.

He started popular, with many promises, put when he changed his tactics it was too late, he had already stripped people of their rights, they had little means to protest.


With his huge popularity he could have gotten his registry in short order if he did not already have it.

It wasn’t a change in tactics that began to erode Hitler’s support. It was not until the war began to go badly for Germany that the people lost their admiration of Hitler, and that was quite late in the war.


I’m concerned the NICS did not perform to begin with given the $$$ that is pumped into it, and that they weren’t able to definitely resolve things one way or the other in 72 hours.

You’re wrong.

It’s a law with very wide bi-partisan support that keeps the FBI from abusing the NICS.


That’s logical. Traditionally it has been the small arms of the infantryman, but I like your view.


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