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I was talking to my friend today and i was just wondering about something she happened to say so if anyone knows i would greatly appreciate it. she told me that she was reading a book her mom had bought from a catholic store that said that if a woman orgasms that it is a sin because sex is strictly to make a baby and the woman doesn’t need to orgasm to make a baby there for it is wrong.


that is not Catholic teaching
just because one buys a book in a Catholic bookstore does not mean the book is reliable.
what is the name of the book? who is the author? what exactly did the author say?
for real Catholic teaching on marriage and sexuality, a good introduction is Theology of the Body for Beginners by Christopher West, which is an easy-to-understand introduction to the teaching of Pope John Paul II.


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Thank you I’m going to ask a friend if they have the book so i can read it.:slight_smile:


In addition to doing some more investigating regarding the name, author, content of the book, and context of this particular passage check for the Imprimatur and Nihil Obstat which declare the book free from doctrinal error.


A quote you might find interesting:

From John Paul II’s general audience on Wednesday, August 22nd, 1984

As ministers of a sacrament which is constituted by consent and perfected by conjugal union, man and woman are called to express that mysterious language of their bodies in all the truth which is proper to it. By means of gestures and reactions, by means of the whole dynamism, reciprocally conditioned, of tension and enjoyment—whose direct source is the body in its masculinity and its femininity, the body in its action and interaction—by means of all this, man, the person, “speaks.”

I couldn’t find the passage I was looking for, where the Holy Father encourages the husband to seek his wife’s climax—not for prurient, but for altruistic reasons.

I totally second the recommendation of Christopher West’s work on the Theology of the Body!


What leah said is right on track. In Love and Responsibility JP II does explain that a husband should have his wife’s climax as one of the ‘goals’ of their lovemaking. I don’t have the quote at hand–the book’s on my shelf and I don’t have time to page through it–but he also suggests that it is ideal if both climax at the same time, and that the husband should endeavor to make this happen.

Catholics do not at all believe that sex is dirty. It is meant to bring husband and wife closer together, to renew the sacrament of marriage.

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