Justice for all

Having explored many different writings and opinions on the Catholic Church from almost every other type of Christian group i.e., Methodist, Baptist, etc…I have found that these few principles ring true almost everytime.

  1. Catholics are more readily to say that the other people are misguided but still have appreciation for their beliefs

  2. Protestants (80%) say that the CC is not Christian or the members will not be saved

  3. Protestants cannot give very much proof for their convictions

  4. Catholics can

  5. Protestants are eager to criticize but the minute you defend your faith you become a satanist.

This being said, I do not wish to include those Protestants that have no real beef with the Catholic faith, and for that, we appreciate it.



Where on earth do you get the claim that 80% of Protestants think Catholicism is not Christian? I think 8% would be way too high a figure!


It really is from whay I have discovered talking with people. It is more or less a personal account. Maybe it would be better to say Pagan? Satanists? The truth is, of what I have uncovered by talking with many, is that it is a pagan religion that bears the Christian name outwardly but inwardly it professes Godesses and Imps with pitchforks. This is just my experience however, my number, as you claim, could be much lower, and I hope it is. Heck, my Gram believes that if a Catholic prays to St. Christopher they will get whatever they want. Of course I look at her and just shake my head. Well, if it is true…St. Christopher, since my Gram is fully knowlegable on the Catholic faith and how intercession and prayer works, I pray that all Protestants and Muslims and Hindus will come home to the Catholic Church. Amen…:bowdown:

As you can see, it comes off as ridiculous.


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