Justice for Justina: Judge orders Connecticut girl to be returned to family



From the article; "Justina is seen sitting in a chair and pleading plaintively with Johnston. (the Judge who currently presides over the case)

“All I really want is to be with my family and friends,” the girl says, her voice faltering at times. “You can do it. You’re the one that’s judging this. Please let me go home.”

About time.
This girl grew worse and worse away from her family, yet many insisted the family was the cause of her problems.

God bless.


Glory be to God! Now the authorities at BCH should be fully investigated and be punished to the fullest extent of the law.


Stories like these are actually common for DCS and others. It is really sad. Most insist that “they wouldn’t do such a thing for no reason” and yet the cries of thousands of families are ignored or silenced. Thankfully the Pellatieres reached out to the media. Even then, the naysayers accused them of creating a “circus” around the incident.

I even found a few facebook pages dedicated to CPS reform, and was surprised that some have been up for over a year, as usually they are taken down as well. (Also, if a family has their children removed, it is often required by CPS that they take down their facebook page)
Why does CPS/DCS act as if they are immune to laws?

I am so happy for this family and will pray for them to heal.


Thanks be to God! I would move as far away as I could get from that hospital and those crazy lawyers as I could get.


So, they can take a girl from her family with no legitimate cause, but they can’t take kids out of homes where they are living in filth, being beaten, starved and neglected. This country is losing it.

Thank the Lord that this Judge had some brains left.


It seems the children who’ve actually been abused are not ‘adoptable’. There is some kind of rating system with CPS, they used to use stars to rate a child’s adoptability. Those who weren’t adoptable were usually reunited with their biological family.
Those who had higher stars showed minimal to no signs of having been abused, and thus were easily adopted out or place with a permanent family.
One would have to wonder if the rating system simply reflected reality. Those who showed no signs of abuse perhaps … weren’t abused. But the simple logic of that fails many.:shrug:

Pray Justina’s family has the support and healing they need.
Unfortunately many turn their backs on families such as these because they fear DCS will come after them next.

God bless.


I’m not sure one could get far enough away, as this is rampant across the nation. It isn’t just the hospitals, but the intrusion of CPS.

Check out some other sites regarding the abuses in the system. I have been since this case began and have been appalled.
Many of the stories sound similar. Some children being removed for medical neglect, others for medical abuse.
One for listening to a doctor, the other for not listening to a doctor.
The rules are subjective to the social workers take on things.

God bless.


Every agency makes mistakes especially agencies as large as FPS and/or CPS.

Make no mistake however, the mistakes made don’t compare to the great work they do in protecting children from emotional, physical, and sexual abuse that can occur at the hands of parents, guardians, and caregivers.

God forbid we live in a nation without a voice to protect kids from abusive adults.

Better to investigate a hundred cases and find nothing than not do so and miss that case of a child being abused.


CPS does this everyday.


The problem is, they aren’t always mistakes. Egos run rampant in CPS. The children who are taken on unsubstantiated claims (more than 80%) suffer from terrible traumas. Attachment disorder (from being forcefully removed from loving parents) being one of many. The inability to trust authority as they get older, varying psychological disorders, etc.
It is estimated that up to 2/3 of all homeless people were products of State care.
Up to 50% of prisoners in our prison systems. (Some studies say 70%, but I’m being lenient)

Seems to me like it is a failed and broken system if those are the kind of numbers produced.
Also, if one does further checking, one will find that often when a ‘parent’ is convicted with actual evidence, the child that they have abused is one they have adopted. This is often hidden as the child having been formally adopted is simply known as the child of the adoptee.
Foster/adoptive children are in fact more likely to be abused than children raised in their biological families.
The numbers are out there if anyone cares to look at them, but as I said before, people always say “they wouldn’t take them without a reason”, or they tell them to be quiet, as the Pellatiere’s were accused of starting a ‘media circus’.
And the worse crime I think, (I know people who grew up in care), is the child being constantly told that “you were abused, you just don’t remember it”. Imagine what that does to a kid who well remembers their home life and KNOWS they weren’t abused.
Some go through life with blinders on.
People did it in Nazi Germany because they couldn’t stand to see the truth, and when they did see they were afraid of standing up to it.

Bad things happen when good people stay silent.

God bless.


Thank God for this outcome. The whole episode leaves me speechless at the egoism and selfishness which seems to have driven this whole fight? Just when does a diagnosis or a treatment become more important than the patient?


Spot on. This story never made sense from the actions of BCH. If they truly and with integrity thought it was a misdiagnosis then isn’t it logical that they would be communicating this with Tufts and advising them of their findings? Instead they punish the parents who are following what their doctors are telling them. Unless the Pelletier’s weren’t following the advice of the doctors in Tufts then I don’t see how BCH can have a legitimate argument.


God bless Glenn Beck and others for making this day a reality. Without Glenn, I believe that Justina would have been a permanent ward of the state. I hope that the Pelletiers own the hospital after all is said and done. Rob :slight_smile:


I think the mistakes do compare. There are too many of them and system is over-loaded. One of the great failures of our system is exactly to ignore reports of abuse, or allowing kids to return to abusive families and situations, let alone the abuse that happens in homes that are suppose to be safe havens (foster homes).

Sure we need a system to help protect children from abuse, but it needs to work and ours does not work well enough. When it does work we should certainly be grateful, but when it doesn’t we need to fix it.


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