Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Will Retire from the US Supreme Court in January,



That sucks. I won’t miss her on the Court, but hate to see her go like this, assuming it’s true.


Hold your horses until there is confirmation of this.

I ran into some flakey stories before from that Santa Monica Observer, I’m not knocking using it as a source, I just say, let’s get more info.

No one else is reporting this.


I thought I heard just the other day that she’s holding on until 2020, on the hope that the presidency will turn over to someone else, so that her seat can be filled by someone-who’s-not-Trump.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out, if it turns out to be true.

It was an interesting contrast, though— how resigned they were at Gorsuch replacing Scalia, in contrast with how vigorous the opposition was for Kavanaugh to replace Kennedy. Things were pretty tame overall, however, through July, August, and early September— things have only been berserk for, what, a couple of weeks? Gehh, it seems like forever…

Can’t imagine what the circus will look like for Ginsburg’s seat.


I can see this being floated now, as part of a ‘get out the vote’ effort by Dems.



The AI associated with this forum does not understand posts which do not contain a complete sentence. This is my sentence.


Well they cite unnamed sources. That’s been getting quite a bit of credibility in the media these days.


We’ll see…


Indeed, if they could capture the Senate, there would be no reason to confirm a new justice before the 2020 elections.


If they played that game - recess appointments


Unless the senate never goes into recess.


Not really possible for 2 full years.
That would piss off voters.


Let me know if this story gets picked up in the mainstream press. Until then, I’m very skeptical that this is true.


Especially so soon after she said she wouldn’t retire for 5 more years, which I assumed she planned for the very end of Trump’s second term so she would be replaced by someone with a similar judicial philosophy.


This really isn’t a surprise to anybody who’s seen Ginsburg recently. She’s looking very old and frail. I saw her recently at an interview where she commented on how unfair the Kavanaugh confirmation has been (to Kavanaugh) and she looked a lot like my 90 year old grandmother did several months before she passed.


Less time for fundraising. :slight_smile:

And at least 20 GOP seats are up for re-election in 2020. 21 in 2022.


This is a rumor that has not been vetted by any of the major news agencies.


Yes she is convinced Trump is going to win 2020.


There sure is a lot of that going on isn’t there?


I wonder if they’ll get this done before January?

@inisfallen your from Brooklyn. What do you know about this story? Can you shed some more light?

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