Justices Appear Supportive of Muslim Inmate's Plea to Grow Beard

Offering Muslims in prison the ability to display their radicalism, is no different than offering gang members jumpsuits dyed to the color of the gang they ‘represent’.

Why does a butcher of women get to have his extremist ideals granted? He obviously hasnt learned anything from getting handed life in prison.

Its a sad thing that this killer of women gets to represent radical islamism within the prison system -and wins. :frowning:

What is extreme about wanting to follow the precepts of his religion? Are the Catholics that are allowed to celebrate Mass in prison also being “extreme?” Many Christians and Jewish sects also require beards to be worn, are their rights also not worth respecting?

To me this is a no-brainer. We either believe in freedom of religion or we do not.

It is a no brainer, but in the correction system Islam once was considered a gang and in various areas past 2003 still is. Here’s the thinking…

House Homeland Security Committee chair Pete King (R-N.Y.) held the latest hearing on the threat of homegrown radicalization of Muslims this morning, focusing specifically on radicalization in American prisons. Law enforcement experts testified that a small but dangerous group of convicts are converting to radical Islam within state and federal prisons, threatening America’s security.

“This issue of Islamic radicalization in U.S. prisons is not new,” King said in his opening remarks. “In fact, this is the third congressional hearing on this problem in recent years. It is a hearing which is necessary because the danger remains real and present, especially because of al Qaeda’s announced intention to intensify attacks within the United States.”

King cited the case of Michael Finton. A convert to Islam, Finton was radicalized in an Illinois state prison and plead guilty last month to charges that he planned in 2009 to bomb the courthouse in Springfield to assassinate Rep. Aaron Schock (R-Ill.). Additionally, King mentioned James Cromitie, who will be sentenced tomorrow after being convicted of conspiring to launch a weapon of mass destruction in New York. Cromitie and his co-conspirator, Onta Williams, converted to radical Islam in a New York prison.

Democrats on the committee, however, objected to the hearing’s focus on Islam, just as some did at King’s previous hearing.



I guess I do not believe in the freedom of all religions then. I guess I don’t believe that our system of values is the best there’s ever been. But I do believe that fear will keep us from taking action against the threat of Islamism. Whether here at home or abroad… We won’t battle ISIS hand to hand, because we’re afraid of their numbers. And we’ll pretend Islamism doesn’t exist at home because we’re afraid of discrimination.

…and because of our complacency and our fears, America will lose its grip and begin falling. And so will much of Europe.

Wiccans sue over discrimination? But isn’t Wicca a cult and cults don’t legally have rights?

I think at the start of lawsuits that was a point argued but they have since won a few case’s.


There are several as above which is 2011 which run through 2013 such as the state of Mass, and are still in litigation.

Anyway here’s Europe with Islam. The problem is there isn’t a visible point where Islam becomes radical although when radical values are witnessed then they are treated in a similar fashion as gang related violence. This is usually after the non visible point of radicalization. Its a process and it begins with Islam and how the conversations are influenced in a violent setting as said usually by coercion in some fashion.


In the US this was handled opposite, Islam is/was considered a gang and now the above procedures are being sought from what I’m reading.

When you compare Europe with the US, then you see the political agenda in the similarities. Same with Ebola now and what Europe is saying in that it mimics two weeks ago in the USA. Its not by chance all the politicians mimic the same rhetoric.

Here’s a recent article on US prisons and the Islam to radical transformation issue.


Muslim gangs don’t just stop their indoctrination once the prisoner is let out. They are persuaded to make immediate contact with Islamic communities and mosques on the outside, where they can continue their Islamic jihad training.

Zoran said his Muslim mentors in prison specifically directed him to Islamic guerilla training compounds in Virginia, Georgia and New York as places where he could go for jihadist training when he left the prison system. These training camps have been identified as Muslims of the Americas (MOA) compounds.

MOA has been identified by the FBI as a terrorist organization in America which also runs compounds in a number of other states.

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