Justified Annulment?


My wife told me this morning if I forget to unload the dishwasher one more time she was gonna seek an annulment. Can she do that?


Well, that depends. Did you enter the marriage with no intention of ever unloading the dishwasher? Was she aware that you might have diswasher-related impediments before you married? :stuck_out_tongue:


Any married person can seek an annulment, that does not mean one will be granted.

The process looks at the state that was present when the marriage was contracted. If a marriage was valid at that time then nothing that happens afterwards can invalidate it.


So, begs the question - were the dishes dirty when the marriage was contracted?


Wow and is an anulment stressful!

Those of us who are in the process or have had one should share our stories…

I wouldn’t wish that process on anyone…:eek:
Justified or not!


guys… humor thread :doh2: (kage seems to have gotten it)

Man, BamaRider, you need to stick around, cuz we all need to lighten up around here!


LOL, its nice to smile once in awhile
Once my REAL anulment comes through… I will be dancing and praising all the way to receive my Lord!


Tell her it might be a bit easier to unload the dishwasher herself than fill out a nullity petition. I wrote 45 pages in mine…and my witnesses spent 12 hours.

I know it’s a humor thread, but there is a little perspective.

Trust me, it’s not something I would ever want to go through again…


One key point you have not addressed yet is whether you or wife previously owned a different dishwasher, and if so, how that was disposed of. If the previous dishwasher was not properly taken care of (i.e. still sitting in the sideyard) then it would likely be a matter of simple paperwork that would go through the tribunal very quickly.

I forget what the technical term for that is… :smiley:

Now, my real question is-- can I put my children up for adoption if they manage to walk their dirty dishes all the way from the table to the sink, scrape the scraps down the disposal, and then stack the dishes up right above the dishwasher rather than taking that last, not particularly difficult step of actually LOADING THEIR DISHES IN THE DISHWASHER???

Margaret (who should be house-cleaning instead of posting nonsense!)


Eww, now THAT IS an idea! LOL


I am almost positive, Bama, that it was your wife’s intention when entering marriage that **you **should be the dishwasher. Ergo, it is your job to load it, and unload it, as the machine is only a mechanical device replacing your actual, natural abilities for this very important function of marriage. So yes indeed, she may start decree of nullity proceedings.:smiley: After all, she warned you!


Unfortunately went thru the exact same thing several years ago.

The Tribunal will inquire, and want depositions from witnesses, if your dishwasher has a built-in disposal and has consumed left over wine & crackers. Of course, the process can be sped up considerably if it can be proved you entered the relationship with your dishwasher that it would not serve any future children.

Please consult with your deacon, Mr. Maytag.



Actually, this is a much deeper question that it seems at first glance. Before we can answer, we have to establish a few facts. First of all, what was the purpose of eating off of these dishes? Were they used at a meal that had nutritional value (that is, promoting life), or did you use them while snacking on chips, dip, and beer in front of the TV (in a disordered “food lust”)? Second, did you fully and openly share the meal with your wife, or are you addicted to the solitary self gratification of your own hunger needs? Actually, now that I think about it, why are you even using an artificial means of cleaning your dishes? The natural method (hot water and soap in a sink) is more in line with moral teaching. Finally, at what point does your wife think you should be taking the dishes out? I certainly hope she does not expect you to abort the cleaning process by removing them before the end of the drying cycle.

I realize I probably haven’t help much. Maybe you should talk to your priest. Until then, you’d better just live as brother and sister


Stay-at-Home Dad of 3… is me!

Were both of you Baptised under “Cascade”?
I would suggest going to confession… your penance shall be to hand wash the dishes for the next week.

On the bright side your hands will be clean and Palmolive soft!:smiley:



http://bestsmileys.com/lol/5.gif This one is the best so far!


she has to divorce you first, depends on if you get a man or lady judge how that will go


Oh my goodness! I needed the laugh sooo bad! :clapping: :rotfl:


So the consenus is she can nullify me depending on my state of mind when the dishwasher was loaded?

I’m thinking it was a valid load cause ALL the big pots were on the bottom, and the plates were all facing the same way. Noway can she tell the tirbunal it wasn’t a valid load, and the only witness is the cat, and she ain’t gonna sign off on it not being valid.

I’m gonna tell her she’s stuck with me.

Dusky was wanting to know-

Well, that depends. Did you enter the marriage with no intention of ever unloading the dishwasher? Was she aware that you might have diswasher-related impediments before you married?

Well I dunno, probably. I reaaaaaaally hate that chore. She even put one of magnent things on the door that says “Dirty” “clean”.

So what you’re sayin if she calls around and finds out I ain’t NEVER unloaded the dishwasher I might get nulled?


don’t be so sure, cats are awfully sneaky :wink:


Shaky ground, Guy. You may have never *physically *unloaded it, but she only needs to prove it was your *intent *to never unload it.

& if your defense relies on your cat, well, you’re nulled.

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