Justified by Faith Alone cf. James 2:24


I agree that the doctrine of the real presence is the true teaching, though I would point to the accounts of the institution as primary evidence and John 6 secondary


I don’t think anyone teaches that, though I too would find a teaching such as that as dangerous.
My point was not to create a discussion on baptism, but just to point out that generalizations about what Protestants believe are generally inaccurate, generally speaking.


I like this and while I believe that the RCC is the true Church and I pray for restored unity, I hope your statement is true.


Do you mean the gospel accounts of the last supper ?


Yes, and St Paul’s


Answer the question posed. What Protestant denomination does not believe in salvation by faith alone?

When did I say I’m saved…

So, you don’t believe you’re saved by faith alone?

Of course I can say that I am justified by grace alone through faith alone by the saving work of Christ alone. What I described in that paragraph is how it works in the Lutheran tradition that I was raised in.
Will I be saved? I pray so.

Good answer. Now my question is, why aren’t you Catholic. Because the Reformation stands or falls on the doctrine of salvation by faith alone.


Define the term. You and I both believe in the doctrine of the real presence. We may describe it differently.
So, again, you have to be specific about the communion.

I do believe in the doctrine as I described it. That is what I was taught as a child growing up in a Lutheran Pastor’s home

Luther said the Church stands on the doctrine of justification. The answer I gave IS in Lutheran teaching the doctrine of justification by gracecalone through faith alone in the saving work of Christ alone.
But you’ve asked a different question: I’m not RC because of the teaching of universal jurisdiction of the Bishop of Rome.


Maybe that will fall aside soon, as well.

God bless you on your journey.


Anything is possible in Him, but my sense is this isn’t some individual thing for me. I would look for a much broader movement in the area, particularly including the EO


Their Sacraments are valid. Therefore, I hope that this is true. But the one True Church is the Catholic Church.


As you should say


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